Queen Sugar S.1 Ep. 11 “All Good”

Ralph Angel and Darla

I’m loving the co-parenting the two are doing to keep Blue happy. I’m not as happy with the potential rekindling of their relationship. I think it’s too soon and I think they both need to get themselves together before even considering jumping in bed together or rekindling their relationship. Iyanla Vazant would likely say the same. Lol!

Aunt Vi

Aunt Vi has found her smile again! Charley cut her deep by stating that she didn’t want Micah to have a public school education to end up like her. The comment, although, hurtful served as negative reinforcement because now Aunt Vi is the Manager of the High Yellow. You can tell by the look on her face that she is genuinely happy and pursuing a goal that she never thought was possible. If nothing else can describe her happiness, check out her hair for the grand re-opening of The High Yellow! She had a full straw curl wig which is a very different look for her. I always feel when a drastic change occurs in a woman’s life, a drastic hairstyle follows. She is genuinely happy!

WHAT WE DON’T SEE: Aunt Vi is still hurt by what Hollywood did. She misses him and she still loves him. I appreciate that the writers set it up so that she did not allow a broken heart to cause her to lose focus of herself and her happiness. They will likely get back together, but she did not allow a temporary setback to slow her down or stop her progress towards personal satisfaction. How many of us have been in a relationship that didn’t work out and caused us to lose focus of our goal or our purpose?


Charley and Remy were caught in an intimate moment (kissing) by Micah. He was stunned and she apologized and felt awful about the situation. Initially, my reaction to her being apologetic to him was negative, but I realized that the shock of seeing his mother kiss another man other than his father must have been gut-wrenching. Charley also revealed to Nova that she kissed Remy and that Davis was her first. She implied that she was nervous about going further with Remy because of this. Nova then performed a séance of some sort to aid Charley in releasing her inhibitions. I am not knowledgeable on the ceremony at all but it was a pretty powerful scene.

During the opening of The High Yellow, Remy sees Charley walk in. He approached her from the left and Micah is standing a distance from her on her far right. When Remy approached Charley and asked her to dance, Micah gave her the okay to not only accept Remy’s offer to dance, but a potential relationship with him as well. Personally, I do not trust Remy at all. I think he is either working for the Landry/Boudreaux family, or he is a Landry/Boudreaux sent to distract Charley and gain her trust. She is an expert at business but naïve when it comes to love due to her only being in a relationship with one man for 20 years.

We find out that Micah has been accepted into the Prep School of Charley’s choice. She expresses her happiness and her and Aunt Vi name the “who’s who” of attendees, such as politicians and the coach of the local NBA team, invited to a champagne brunch for the parents of prospective students. While getting dressed for the event she stands in the mirror contemplating whether she should wear her wedding ring to the brunch; after much thought she slips her wedding ring on. While at the Champagne brunch she strikes up conversation with the NBA coach who notices she is still wearing her ring. I am assuming that he assumes that they are still together. She informally negotiates a position for Davis on his team. I can’t help but think that because the Bordelon’s loan was denied indirectly by the Landry-Boudreaux family, Charley will use her position as Davis’ Agent to get him picked up by a team but she is also playing the role of a smart woman scorned because I believe she is working hard to get him a position on the team so that she can get some coins in her bank account which a portion of would cover the amount that was denied by the loan officer/Landry-Boudreaux family. Remember, her lawyer advised she not touch any of their joint account money until everything is final. Boom!

The Side Eye award goes to Remy. I still do not trust him AT ALL! I think he either works for the Landry-Boudreaux family or he IS a Landry-Boudreaux! I do not trust him! I knew they wouldn’t get approved for the loan when he said he was going to find a loan officer for the Bordelon family. I really want Nova to put a rut (root) on him. I’m shocked that she can’t since his vibe.

The episode ends with everyone having fun and being happy; everything is all good, which likely means things are about to go downhill.

FUN FACT: Sally Richardson-Whitefield, wife of Dondre Whitfield (Remy) directed last night’s episode!

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