New President, New Year, New You…So what are you gonna do?

The time of year is approaching where we typically see the “New Year, New Me” memes and/or statuses. But why wait until the clock strikes 12am on January 1, 2017 to pursue your dreams or fulfill your desires? The President-elect has no political experience. He decided only 18 months or so ago to run for office and look at the outcome. I am by no means stating that the President-elect is the quintessential mentor, but I am encouraging you to use him as a benchmark, for lack of a better term, to pursue that dream or goal that you have been placing on the back burner. That certification or license that you have been thinking about earning, GO GET IT! That degree you have been thinking about pursuing, be it a GED or PhD, GO GET IT! That job that you are hesitant to apply for because you feel it is beyond your reach. Guess what? It’s attainable! GO GET IT! You may want to learn a new language, learn sign language, take a sewing class, a martial arts class, a makeup/beauty class or go to truck driving school. The time is NOW! GO GET IT! What if that “thing” you’ve been waiting for is already in place for you and God is just waiting on you to move?! GO GET IT! If you don’t know how to take the first step, ask someone who is already in the position you want to be in. It could be a complete stranger, just ask! If you don’t know of anyone to ask, use Google. She will never steer you wrong, as long as you’re specific with your request. LOL!

The President-elect made a negative remark toward the African-American and Hispanic community during a campaign rally in Ohio. His words were, “What do you have to lose?” I chose to turn that insulting question into a motivating force because outside of its intended meaning, it’s a great question! What can you lose from pursuing your true dream or desire?  The year 2017 is right around the corner. Will you end the year 2017 in the same position you are ending the year 2016?

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