Ernest Bordelon’s letter to his children

“To my dear children, I, Ernest Bordelon, in sound mind and body, am revising my last will and testament. I hope no one needs this for a long time. And I hope I can do this in person one day. But if I can’t, this paper will have to stand in for me. I’ve made the decision to pass this land, the land of my mother and father before and his father before him, to the child of mine who needs it the most… Ralph Angel. You, Ralph Angel, are more than you know. You and your sisters are the moon and the sky and the stars to me, each of you. But this land is yours. Whatever has happened, whatever you’ve done in the past, never forget that you are better than you think. You’re smarter than you think. You are stronger than you think. Take this land. Build a home here. Build a family for you and Blue here. Build our cane here, stalk by stalk. Build a good life here, Ralph Angel, so when you get to the end, you can look back and be proud of your days on this earth, on this land. It’s all yours, son. Do right. I know you can. Until we meet again. Pops.”


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