Queen Sugar S.1 Ep. 13 “Give Us This Day” (Season Finale)

Aunt Vi

There were two lessons taught last night regarding Aunt Vi and Hollywood.

Lesson 1: Don’t think that you are so good and so worthy, that people will sit around and allow you to mistreat them.

Sure it’s great to have confidence in yourself and know your self-worth, but not at the expense of making others feel as though they are an afterthought. Hollywood worked his ass off showing Aunt Vi he was willing to do whatever it takes to get back into her good graces. He explained to her a few episodes ago that he only remained married to Maxine Shaw Attorney-at-Law for insurance purposes. Aunt Vi understood that had he left his wife long ago, she could be a danger to herself or society. Aunt Vi seemed to understand. I’m sure the thought of her dating a married man collided with her morals but Hollywood’s reason behind so was a reflection of his character which is why she eased up on the bitchiness towards him. I’m assuming she likes the chase because everything all good when he was running behind her wagging his tail for forgiveness. But the minute Hollywood realized his self-worth and acted on it, it was a problem.

  • Side note: WHY IS OKAY FOR AUNT VI TO DATE A MARRIED MAN BUT NOVA IS MARRED FOR DOING SO? Hollywood remained married to his wife for insurance purposes and Nova’s boo remained married to his to keep his family together for the kids. Both men followed their hearts and remained married while engaging in an outside relationship, yet we cheer on Aunt Vi and Hollywood while bashing Nova and her boo. That does not seem very fair, but I digress.  

Lesson 2: Know when to move the f*** on

Hollywood was tired of being treated like a lap dog and moved on and did what was best for him!!!! Typically, we see the woman running behind the man and the man paying her no mind. I love how the writers flipped the script. Hollywood did not act a damn fool once he felt he was being played. He didn’t cuss her out. He didn’t bash her windows or her head in. He didn’t trash her name in the street. He didn’t share secrets that could have tarnished her name and reputation in their small town. He went into survivor mode and realized that he had to do what was best for Hollywood. I’m sure it was hard for him to leave but he did what was best for him. Sometimes you have to be selfish in order to maintain your mental health! How many of us would have been saved from months or years of heartache and setbacks had we walked away from relationships when felt we weren’t loved, appreciated or respected the way we deserved?


Charley is giving Remy the run around and playing with Remy’s emotions and Remy is OVER it as he should be! She finally let’s go of the possibility that there will be anything between she and Davis. When Davis called her to discuss working things out, she could have walked away from the stressful situation she has been dealing with and run to him to enjoy a life of luxury, but she chose her family instead. She chose stress and struggle over living the laid back life of a Basketball wife. I love that! Her final speech to him was so profound that I thought it was the last scene of the show!


As a married woman the thought of NOVA dating a married man, no matter what race, disgusts me. But as a black woman, when that guy spit in her face, I was almost as weak in the knees as she was. That was so disrespectful and I would like to think that had that really happened in a room full of so many people, someone would have come to her aid or at least handed the girl a damn napkin! She sat their ALONE for MORE than a minute wiping spit from her face. Perhaps that was done purposely by the writers. Maybe it was symbolic of her washing herself of all the wrong she has done. She is so busy saving others, but no one was there to protect her in that specific moment. The scene left me nauseated, but I kept rewinding because I couldn’t believe it happened.


Dear, sweet Raphael Angel. I’m sure we all at some point have become a bit exasperated by the whining and crying and weakness and that “Southern” twang from Ralph Angel the past few weeks. But when he read that letter from his now deceased father. I know he felt he had wings and was invincible. Sometimes something so small as a pat on the back or “you can do it” or “I believe in you”, is all it takes for someone to realize their potential. Mr. Boredelon left Ralph Angel all of the land. What a blessing! A lot can be taken from that letter. I won’t dig too deep but it had my brain gears grinding. I hope it encouraged someone to get their affairs in order. Do you have life insurance? Are you leaving a legacy for your children and your children’s children? If you die tomorrow, will your spouse or family be left to struggle to pay remaining bills? Do you have a copy of your spouse or parent’s insurance policy within arm’s reach? Where do they want to be buried? Do they want to be cremated? Do you have a beneficiary and contingent beneficiary at your bank credit union and/or HR file at work? Discussing things like this with our loved ones is difficult it might be better to know up front how business is requested be handled. I guess had Mr. Bordelon made all of this known to the family prior to his passing, the show Queen Sugar would be non-existent. LOL! I’m sure once Ralph Angel shares Mr. Bordelon’s will with the family, Charley will be the first to contest it because Ralph Angel is 100% against the creation of a family owned sugar mill.


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