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To Republica Dominicana, With Love

Checkout the "lightbulb moments" triggered my mini vacation to Dominican Republic this past week

Leaving the country always allows me to recenter, relax and refocus. This trip has brought a few things to fruition:

  1. We run our A/C too often
  2. We use too much toilet tissue
  3. No matter how WHOLE “they” say our FOODS are, they aren’t. We ate unprocessed food all week; straight from the land. Different tastes; different feeling. I’m finally ready to watch “What The Health“. 🙂
  4. I need to focus less on my body image. My husband has been loving my new post-baby body but all I could see is the flaws. But baybeeeee I am FINE; literally and figuratively.
  5. I need to minimalize. Just because there is a place or space for something doesn’t mean that that place or space needs to be filled.
  6. I LOVE my husband!! Not that I needed to be reminded of that, but I just love how we take care of each other and have each others back. I love that he loves my friends and gets along with their spouses.
  7. I LOVE my friends! 17 years of friendship is something that is rare. We are all continuously moving onward and upward in or personal and professional lives. We teach each other things, we enlighten each other and we rib on each other. Lol! That’s how we roll. I have heard many women say they do not get along with other women and for that reason, they have no female friends. I cannot imagine my life WITHOUT my friends!!

I am grateful for this vacation!


  1. It’s wonderful to hear that your vacation was able to bring you clarity, and an opportunity to experience connectivity between your husband and your friends. Oftentimes a vacation away from home can leave us anxious, tired and longing to get back to the familiar. Your beautiful words remind me to be grateful for what I have, to cherish my friends and family, especially my husband, and that simplicity/minimalism is a goal worth pursuing. Thank you for allowing us to cherish that which is right under our noses, so that even if we lack the time or means to get away, we can realize and receive joy in our on backyard, front porch, or sofa. I’m inspired!!


  2. So often we travel, take photos, come back home and the moment gets lost in translation. I like that you were able to center and express and hallmark your moment spiritually. It’s inspiring. You make me more content about continuing to grow up with your posts. You are very special and gifted. I’m continuing to follow your journey miss lady. Bigger, brighter, and bolder for you, i declare it! Love.


  3. Love these realizations and being recentered. Beautiful life, beautiful beautiful family-all started with you.


  4. I’m glad you enjoyed yourself. We all need a minute to just live in our own heads and process thoughts from moons ago. Although I’m sure you miss them, to not hear little people or even think about them for a few moments, should have felt good.


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