Insecure S.2 E.9- Hella Great (Dear Issa…)

My scattered thoughts on this week's episode of Insecure.

Dear Issa,

Girl, Sis, Beloved, I saw the smirk on your face after you and Lawrence had that couch session. Please do not assume that because gave you some lovin’ that you are back in his good graces. Instead of trying to win back his love and his affection, it may be a good time to look in the mirror. And instead of freestyling, examine yourself and ask yourself, “Would I date me?”.


Common Sense


Speaking of self-examination, would you date you? Would you marry you? When was the last time you did a self-examination?


Issa is lamenting Lawrence’s absence from her life and that was made clear when she stated that she compares all men she dates to him; meanwhile, Lawrence is UNBOTHERED and floating around like a cheap drone! He has no direction! Bless his heart.  And no condom with Issa? How selfish of him after three months of weekend sex-a-palooza with “Miss Credit Union”. And for that scene to be followed with Jasmine Sullivan singing “Let It Burn”…hilarious!


Black Folks and Therapy:

Molly seemed to brag about the fact that she has a black therapist., but what good is a therapist if you aren’t honest with them or if you aren’t comfortable being honest with them? Does or would the nationality, race or gender of your therapist matter to you? Do you have a preference? If so, why?



Regarding Issa and Lawrence, notice how the roles have reversed. During Season 1, Issa’s career was doing well, she was happy and blind to Lawrence’s mask of depression. Now Issa’s career seems to have gone down the crapper, while Lawrence’s career is afloat (we assume). I’m beginning to think that he is likely comfortable living pillar to post after months of moving out of the apartment he and Issa share because he still loves her and is toggling with the thought of having a future with her amidst the obvious trust issue.

This will be an interesting season!


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