Insecure S. 2 Ep. 10 “Hella Questions”

My thoughts about this week's episode of Insecure.

The worst part of being hurt, is being hurt; especially when it comes to a relationship that you thought would last forever. The pain is unbearable and it can sometimes make you feel as though you are being deprived of oxygen. Some people mask the pain with drugs and alcohol. Some people mask the pain by surrounding themselves with friends. Some people mask the pain by starting a new relationship¬† without being healed from or learning from the past relationship. Issa just stepped aboard a sinking ship. She flashed out on Molly last season and told her she was in need of a therapist to help her with her “hoe-ish” ways, but here she is picking up where Molly left off. Which makes me wonder, was Lawrence Issa’s identity?


Tasha is beginning to get clingy, while pretending not to be clingy. But more importantly, she is exhibiting behavior that some women are guilty of supporting at one time or another. Lawrence is homeless and getting comfortable with being homeless because she is taking care of him, which isn’t her job! And why would Tasha want to sleep with a man that is homeless because he chooses to be? Can we really blame Lawrence, though? Free food and free “chocha”, with NO strings attached. Perhaps she has the Betty Wright Syndrome, “having a piece of man is better than having no man at all“. The situation between the two of them started out as a “cuddy buddy” situation and now it is going in a totally different direction or should we say “directions” because he is in a totally different head space than her, so his “light at the end of the tunnel” is likely different from hers (sorry for the run on). Initially it seems she was trying to salvage him, by repairing his broken heart and pride, but now it seems as though she is trying to save him by protecting his heart and his pride, WHICH IS NOT HER JOB! She is beginning to enable him, which means she has feelings for him. It’s more than sex to her. This may not end well. This will not end well.


On a¬† lighter note: SZA came through on the soundtrack at the end her song when “Supermodel” played. Listen to the lyrics. It’s about not knowing how to be comfortable with a breakup and being alone. Most parts of the song were definitely fitting for Issa on this week’s episode.

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