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19 Professional Life Hacks

This is for my younger cousins, younger friends, younger associates as you prepare to this over-rated adult world post-graduation and anyone else entering or re-entering the workforce.  Here are a few professional life hacks that can be applied to a full-time/part-time job or internship. The information I am sharing with you is solely based on my thoughts, opinions and experiences. Do with it what you will.

  1. Create a LinkedIn account. Keep your resume updated and searchable so that recruiters can find you. Keep track of your professional awards, rewards, accomplishments and successful project completions. Don’t use selfies as your LinkedIn profile picture, get a Groupon for a local photo session in a professional studio (i.e. Target, JC Penney, etc.). Get a head shot and a half body shot.
  2. When you wake up in the morning pray or mediate as soon as you wake up, instead of rolling over and grabbing your phone to scan social media or new alerts. Recite self-loving and self-confident mantras. Example: “Today WILL be a great day!” “I expect great things today. I am a hard-worker and all of my hard work will payoff.”
  3. Don’t get your honey where you make your money. Sure, there are stories of couples who met at their workplace and had successful relationships, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Keep your mind on your money and your money on your mind. giphy1
  4. While you are training for your new position, WRITE EVERYTHING down or at least as much as you can- even if they tell you that you don’t need to. Review and rewrite your notes when you get home every evening until you get the hang of your job duties and responsibilities.
  5. Human Resources was created to protect the company; NOT YOU! Nonetheless, if you are ever in a situation where someone has said or done something that makes you feel uncomfortable, file a case with Human Resources so that the offense can be documented!
  6. Stay away from conversations related to sex, religion and politics. Be respectful of your coworker’s lifestyles, no matter how unorthodox you deem them. The world is bigger than you.
  7. It’s much cheaper to learn from other’s mistakes. As you began to learn more about your peers and/or subordinates individually, learn form their financial, personal and professional mistakes.giphy3
  8. Never stop learning your job. The more you know, the more you grow. Research your field. Listen to podcasts related to your field. Read scholarly journals related to your field; Google Scholar is a great resource!
  9. Follow the chain of command; don’t go over anyone’s head unless you absolutely have to.
  11. Never share and/or overshare your personal business.
  12. Bring your own lunch as often as you can. I suggest meal prepping the day before your work week starts. Treat yourself to a dine-out lunch on the last day of your work week. YOU DESERVE IT! You worked hard all week!
  13. On your desk or in your workspace, keep a small picture or a few small pictures of the person or persons who mean the most to you. Those pics will help you get through the difficult days; and there will be difficult days. Make sure the picture you select is in good taste.
  14. MIND YOUR BUSINESS. Stay out of workplace gossip and drama Whatever “tea” you get, keep it to yourself! giphy2
  15. Establish professional mentors. They do not have to work for your organization or even be in the same line of work as you. I advise finding some who has more credentials (i.e. degrees, certifications, etc) and experience than you and someone you can trust sharing your goals with and will hold you accountable and followup with you regarding said goals.
  16. Invest in the retirement plan your company offers whether it’s a 401k or 403b. Invest as much money as you can now while you are young.
  17. When you screw up – and you will – don’t be so hard on yourself.
  18. Once you become more comfortable with your job duties, try listening to binaural beats for focus and concentration while you work. It helps tune out the outside world. You can find them on Spotify or Apple Music. Fun Fact (or not): Pharell Williams has used binaural beats in the music he has produced. That’s likely why it’s so catchy!
  19. Know your worth. Always walk with confidence and NEVER let them see you sweat!giphy4

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