Cardi B – Invasion of Privacy (Album Review)

Long before Mona Scott-Young introduced viewers to Cardi B by way of Love & Hip Hop New York, I was a huge Cardi B fan. I “discovered” her on Instagram and absolutely lived for the comedic tone of her posts and videos. She always presented herself as authentic and transparent. What you see, is what you get. Hate it or love it and if you hated it and you felt the need to let her know, she would drag you to HELL with her quick wit responses. I was such a devoted fan, that I chose not to watch the season of Love & Hip Hop New York that featured her because I thought being on the show would water down who she was. BOY WAS I WRONG!! That platform was the springboard that introduced the world to Cardi B that many have grown to love. Although I was one of many frustrated with the amount of time it took her newest album”Invasion of Privacy” to debut, it was well worth the wait!

The first track on the album Get Up 10 serves as an intro for Cardi’s newest followers and as a reminder to her fans of the journey she took to get where she is today. Her transparency on this track is so realistic. I can vividly remember her discussing in the past some of the things I hear her rhyme about in this song. Love it!

Drip featuring Migos is cute. I would be surprised if this track is listed on the next Migos project. Drip gave me Bad and Bougie tease with a dash of Motorport. She has the best lines on the song and the beat is HOT!

“Guap, guap get some chicken. Guap, guap get some bread.”Baybeeeeeeee! Bickenhead is hot. And the beat, a sample of Project  Pat’s Chickenhead, is hotter. I jammed to the beat the first 4 times i listened to it; theeeeeen on my 5th time listening, I paid attention to the lyrics. And the way she went about describing the many ways one could go about p-popping had me like…

oh my god omg GIF-downsized_large

I imagine when this song is played in a strip club, the red light will go off in the dressing room because this WILL be “The Money Song”. sidenote: I would LOVE to hear Bickenhead chopped and screwed!

Bodak Yellow speaks for itself. Initially, I wondered why this song, which has been played daily on hip-hop and pop stations over the past year, was added to this album. Bodak Yellow is an earworm. It will never be forgotten. I later realized that it served as an awesome segue from Bickenhead to Be Careful. She worked hard for the money. She got the money and now her dude is acting crazy. Be Careful is a reminder that even though she is tough as nails, her heart is still fragile and she is a lil “cray cray”. Be careful Offset!!! Another hot beat sampled from Lauryn Hill’s Ex Factor from the album Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.

Best Life featuring Chance The Rapper is my FAV!!! Cardi is informing the listener that although she didn’t take the most conservative route to success and although she has dealt with lots of backlash because of her past; she still made it! Neither she nor Chance the Rapper entered the music industry they way most artists do. Chance is an independent artist and Cardi created her own brand on IG. Both had a dream and followed it. My fave part “Turned all my L’s(losses) into lessons”. I love how they compared the hardship they experienced to get where they are.

“Yeah Baby; I LIKE IT, LIKE THAT!” Shoutout to the Tito Nieves sample. This track gave me 90’s flashbacks! Awesome Latin and Hip-Hop cross over!

new york giants dancing GIF by NFL-downsized_large

Ring is all about the foolish games we play when we are young and dumb and…you know the rest. It definitely reminded me of dating in my 20s. Kelahni held it down with the vocals. After hearing this I wanted to just hug Cardi and yell, “Girl forget him; DO YOU!” LOL

Money Bag is loud and it’s about money; It’s Cardi!

cardi b ok GIF by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon-downsized_large

Bartier Cardi ft 21 Savage is an oldie; not sure why it was added to this album, but whatevs.

She Bad is another strip club anthem; red light song to be specific. The beat is HOT!

Thru Your Phone is a nice, slow melodic beat and definitely a break up song. Cardi is angry, in petty mode, pulling all the receipts and trying to catch a case. This song gave me  A Thin Line Between Love and Hate tease.

“All I can see is you and her in different scenarios
Beyoncé on my stereo, “Resentment” on repeat
I’ma make a bowl of cereal with a teaspoon of bleach
Serve it to you like, “Here you go….bon appétit!”


I Do feat SZA sounds like Cardi is now over whatever she was mourning in previous songs. She is doing her. Delivering the way only Cardi can!

Overall I really like this album and would love to hear an instrumental version of it because the beats are awesome. This should hold us over while she prepares for her transition into motherhood. I’m sure she is glad that she can finally relax and be free.

tonight show trump GIF by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon-downsized_large

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