Queen Sugar – “No Haven In My Shadow” (Ep. 304 Recap)


This week Davis sat with Micah and mourned the death of his father-in-law Ernest Bordelon, whom he stated was more than a father to him and better to him than his own father. It seems as though no one considered the fact that Davis was also affected by Ernest’s death; understandably so. Davis then blurts out that Micah has a 13 year old sister for another woman and that the child is only 3 years younger than Micah, which means the she was conceived during he and Charlie’s marriage. The child’s mother has died and he must now raise her. The fact that he shared this info with Micah while mourning Ernest leads me to believe that Ernest knew about that baby. If Ernest knew about the baby and Davis reveals to Charlie that he shared this info with her father, I wonder if she will continue to fight as hard as she has been against the Landry’s on behalf of her father’s memory.

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Nova & Remi

Initially, when Nova and Remy (her sister’s recent ex-boyfriend) connected last season I was over it, but now I think I get it. I don’t think Nova is physically attracted to Remy or his soul. I think she is attracted to the memories that he has of her father that she doesn’t have. She is a creator, so I think when she hears Remy speaking of his memories with her father, she daydreams about the stories told and adds them to her own memories of her father. When she is with him she feels she is with a piece of her father. Eventually, these feelings may shift and can lead to her being attracted to him in other ways. Baybeeeeee when this “tea” comes to light (and it will), a storm will brew and I will be front and center with my eyes glued to the TV. Oh yes!

Aunt Vi

Aunt Vi is doing the absolute most entertaining the foolishness of these holy women who accepted/forced a donation from her in return for her using the church’s kitchen. She is not thinking clearly at all. But I get it. She has never felt fulfilled and now that he has found her purpose and something she is good at and something she loves, but she is moving with no direction. I think once she comes up with a clear, concise business plan, she will be okay. Thankfully, Hollywood is there to guide her and his idea for a delivery truck could be a great start for her business. Initially, she gives him a great amount of push back because she likely doesn’t want to be the “burden” that his ex wife was and likely because she doesn’t know how long she will be able to independently do things on her own due to her Lupus diagnosis. I think Lupus may be her primary thought right now, so she is trying to do as much as she can now because she believe the disease could eventually take over her body. We have already seen the arthritis (a side affect of Lupus) begin in her hands while she was at Hollywood’s High School Reunion. Her hands are what give her purpose. She needs her hands to make her pies. She is likely thinking, “if the arthritis takes over my hands, what will my purpose be?”.

Darla/Ralph Angel/Blue

Bye Darla! The nerve of her showing up looking like a LinkedIn profile picture and expecting things to pick up where they left off!!!! BYE! DARLA!


I love the way the episode ended with everyone writing a letter to Ernest Bordelon and burning it in a bonfire. Aunt Vi explained that is the way the family has always communicated with the ancestors and she wants to make sure that Blue is part of the ritual so that the next generation can continue the tradition! Yes! We must never forget our ancestors! If you are reading this, research the importance of folklore and start talking to the young people in your family today!


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