Queen Sugar – “A Little Lower Than Angels” (Ep. 305 Recap)


Last week, Ralph Angel decided to allow Darla back into Blue’s life and allowed her to chaperone his class field trip. I think he needed a break from Blue. Knowing that Blue isn’t his son seems to have shortened Ralph Angel’s patience with him. The joy that he used to show when spending time with Blue has dissipated. I’m sure Ralph Angel also made the decision to allow Darla back into Blue’s life because the child clearly missed his mother and does not understand how ratchet (wretched) she is. Bless his heart. After the field trip, Darla put Blue in his car seat and Blue seems to be overjoyed that his mother is back in his life. He mentions how excited he is that she is back and that he cant wait for her and Ralph Angel to get married. We are also reminded of Aunt Vi’s disdain for Darla, when Darla drops Blue off to Aunt Vi and Hollywood’s house and Aunt Vi paid her absolute DUST!!!! Even when Darla called her name, Aunt Vi walked away as though Darla’s voice was inaudible. Hollywood, who is usually the voice of reason when Aunt Vi goes into petty mode, returned to his hobby of fixing the new delivery truck when Darla looked at him as if waiting for him to come to her defense. You’re on your own now, sis.

Later, Darla sends Ralph Angel a text message that reads “We need to tell Blue”. First of all, it is very obvious how detached she is to the very child she gave birth. There is a time and a place for everything and you have to be able to feel your child out before you deliver news to them that will negatively affect their emotions. If I tell my daughter we are going to the water park next week and something comes up and we have to reschedule, I know not to deliver the news to her when she is about to go to bed or when she is about to go to school because I know that it will affect her mood for a few hours after hearing the news. I also know how to deliver bad news to her. Darla just blurted out, that her and Ralph Angel weren’t getting married. Had she spent enough quality time with her son, she would have know the way she communicated the bad news to him was terrible. No empathy, no motherly, soothing voice. I commend Ralph Angel because at that moment he could have told Blue it was his mom’s fault that they weren’t getting married, without going into detail. When Blue started crying, I yelled to the TV, “don’t be mad at your dad be mad at your irresponsible, stupid mama!”. The poor child is heartbroken. Blue is in tears and asked to be excused to go to his room and Darla just sat there looking doe-eyed and clueless.


Ralph Angel

Ralph Angel joined his employer’s family for a traditional Vietnamese dinner. He clearly has a sweet eye for his boss’ daughter Trinh. During dinner the family laughed and bonded but what was unspoken was that although only a few work at the docks, they take care of the entire family. Ralph Angel seems to enjoy watching the family enjoy one another’s company. He likely yearns for his own family to be genuinely happy and sit down for a meal again without drama or bad news being presented. I don’t think we have seen that happen. Also, I think a lot of people look down on maritime workers, but if you notice, the house is laid out very nicely. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the ancestral altar that was laid near the dinner table as a memorial to those who have passed. Trinh, told the story of the person in each picture that rested on the altar and the story of how each had passed. More folklore this episode! Definitely shows that although culturally different, we are all more alike than we realize.

Nova and Remi

Remi acknowledges how hard Nova has been working on her proposal and offers her relief by taking her fishing. He seems to really care for her because when he instructed her to leave her laptop in the truck and she resisted, he pulled out a composition book and pen he brought for her in case the writing bug bit her while fishing on the water. That was a very thoughtful gesture! While on the boat, Remi shares with Nova memories that he has of her father. She is on the edge of her seat hanging onto every word and every memory he shares as if her life depends on it and it just might. Last week I mentioned that her attraction to Remi may not be physical. Clearly, I was wrong because once they got back to land, they shared an intimate kiss and she rested her head on his shoulder as if he she felt safe with him. When Charley finds out about this, heads will roll!


His girlfriend Keke seems to be an afterthought. In the past, you wouldn’t see one without the other. Now that he is gaining sense of self. He seems to prefer hanging with his new friends who are activists who want to shed light on injustices towards African Americans. They choose to protest a local plantation but the protest is foiled when the manager demands that they leave.

Micah is 100% over his father Davis and I believe that he is redirecting the energy used to hate him towards turning this upside down world, right side up by any means necessary.


Dear, sweet Charley. Davis aka “bad news bear”, stops by to deliver the news to Charley that he had an affair while they were married that resulted in a 13 year old daughter named Tia and that he plans to move back to LA to raise her. What the what?! So he’s just going to abandoned his son? I don’t know what the right approach would be to this situation but abandoning his son definitely does not seem to be the best approach. Charley is speechless and hurt and pissed, as she should be, and her anger grows when she finds out that Davis informed Micah without telling her. Davis is irresponsible and inept and seems to share the same parenting style as Darla. Like Darla, Davis is so detached from his child that he can’t decipher when and how to deliver bad news. Hurt, confused and disgusted Charley yells at Davis and tells him to leave and when he hesitates to do so, she physically pushes him toward the door. Charley has the weight of her world on her shoulders and this added stress does not lighten the load. She calls Ralph Angel, Aunt Vi and Nova and each call goes directly to voicemail. She is inconsolable. The poor girl is on the verge of nervous breakdown. Imagine being there for everyone when they need you – and when they don’t – but when you need them they are no where to be found. She receives a text message from Jacob Boudreaux regarding paperwork and the look on her face is hard decipher. Is she thinking of giving herself to him? Is she ready to play dirty and screw over him like she is attempting to do the Landry’s? Charley, what are you thinking, sis?

We then see Charley and Jacob at a bar DOWNING whiskey shots. She tries to get him to divulge information about his family that she can likely use against them, but he wont budge. A few shots later the song “Old Flames Can’t Hold a Candle To You” plays on the jukebox and Jacob asks her to dance. The lyrics are very touching; even Dolly Parton’s version of song can make the strongest man weak in the knees. (Fun Fact: Singer, Ke$ha’s mother Pebe Sebert wrote the lyrics to the original song). Charley buries her cheek into Jacob’s chest and begins to cry as she hears the lyrics to the song. She likely realizes that the love she thought she had with Davis was a figment of her imagination. Maybe she realizes Remy could have given her the live she deserves. If the latter, when she finds out about Nova and Remy, she will drag Nova; literally!

I’m looking forward to Remy and Darla discussing the elephant in the room: how they will move forward as with this co-parenting thing? Where is she living? How is she making a living? How can she afford the nice clothes we see her in? Has she gone back to trickin’? Why should we believe things will be different THIS time? I have so many questions!


  1. I was so damn disgusted in Charley yesterday because at her most vulnerable point she reached out to what’s already destroying her, her community etc.

    Nova and Remy… well it all will blow up but Charley created this monster. That man would have given his life for her but she chose the other route.

    Micah is coming into to his own identity which is an emotional rollercoaster ride!

    Auntie is ailing more than she stated and it will fester up soon.

    Darla could have Ralph Angel even through all the pain because he truly loves that woman!
    He’s lost right now and desires stability and peace. That’s all he needs!


  2. Ok! Soooo now looking at the episode did Remy seem more shocked as us that Nova kissed him?

    Charley, Charley, Charley I know you hurting sis but you bringing that hurt to the wronf person.

    DARLA & DaVID-one word- STUPID!


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