Queen Sugar – “Delicate and Strangely Made” (Ep. 306 recap)

The Bordelon family is in disarray and I know Mr. Ernest is rolling over in his grave. My Lord!


Nova wakes up to a message from Remi requesting to speak to her about what happened at the lake. If you are nosy, like me you pressed pause as the camera angled in on the message from Remi. And if you are nosy like me, you can see that there are a series of text messages between the two that could be considered flirtatious, prior to their kiss on the water.

Nova picks up her phone and reads the new text message from Remi and chooses to ignore it. She then receives a call from Aunt Vi who is short staffed and needs Nova’s  baking a large batch of pies. Nova informs her she has reserved the day to write and after suggesting Aunt Vi call Charley or Ralph Angel to help out, Nova reminds Aunt Vi that writing is her job. Aunt Vi pays that no mind and does not back down on insisting Nova assist her with baking. This scene was very parallel to real life because when you don’t work a traditional 9-5 in a traditional office space people assume you are always free or will be available at their disposal.

Nova shows up to help Aunt Vi. The takeaway from this scene is the importance of the younger generation spending time with the older generation to gain knowledge that can be applied to many aspects of their life. Nova showed up to help bake pies but walked away with more knowledge than she could likely handle.  While baking Aunt Vi discusses that although she and Ernest (Nova’s father) had a strained relationship at some point, they were able to get back on track and be there for one another. Aunt Vi stresses the importance of Nova having a strong, solid relationship with her siblings Ralph Angel and Charley, which I’m sure makes Nova cringe because she quickly changes the subject. Aunt Vi goes on to discuss how earlier in her life she had her own dreams but knew survival was more important than pursuing her dreams. She goes on to admit that she never gave herself permission to dream big enough, but once she did the result became her lucrative pie business which will be her legacy.  That is something we can all reflect on. Are you dreaming big enough for yourself and/or your children? Are you limiting yourself and/or your children? What will your legacy be?

She also notices that Nova has been smitten by whomever she has been receiving text messages from (Remy). Aunt Vi tells Nova that she needs to give herself permission to be happy. Bayyyyyybeeeeeee, if only she knew who had been texting Nova all day! Nova eventually responds to Remy’s text informing him that they cannot continue carrying on. She does not seem to be happy with this decision because we see her in tears after sending the message.

Later we see Aunt Vi at dinner in the home of the the store owner who stocks her pies. He states that he believes in her and that he and his wife, who is also present, would like to invest in her business. The couple gives me “Get Out” tease. I feel like Aunt Vi should run far, far away. Can they be trusted?


Darla drops Blue off at school and is notified by his teacher that he has been displaying negative behavior at school. Darla finds out that Ralph Angel was made aware of a similar previous incident  which annoys Darla and she had the nerrrrrrrrrrve to address Ralph Angel about not informing her. Ma’am, you JUST re-entered Blue’s life after dropping a bomb on the Bordelon family and abandoning him! She asks to pick Blue up from school and Ralph angel agrees without hesitation as long as she has him home before bedtime. This exchange was more evidence of what I stated a few episodes ago. Ralph Angel’s feelings toward Blue have changed subconsciously since learning that he is not the father. This scene came across as him wanting to show he has control  of their co-parenting situation. Ralph Angel then receives a flirtatious text from Trinh that makes him smile.

Darla and Blue are seen having fun in Darla’s new house and he is excitedly explaining how he wants his room decorated and that he has a desire to live with her. She tries to address the behavioral issues blue has been having at school but he changes the subject and runs outside to play leaving Darla alone on the floor feeling helpless and excluded.

Later, Blue discloses to Darla what caused him to display aggressive behavior; his classmate told him that his mom left because she does not love him anymore. He also explains in a VERY mature manner how her leaving affected him and made him feel. It was a beautiful scene, but the petty in me couldn’t help wondering, “How the heck can she afford this nice house? There was green grass and a nice tree house in the backyard”.

Blue has made it clear that he wants to live with her, likely because he misses her and he can pick up on the negative energy from Ralph Angel. Darla goes to drop him off and walks in on a card game hosted by Ralp Angel’s new “tenant” with loud music and alcohol and cussing. Which leads to a YUGE (huge) fight between both Darla and Ralph Angel. How did Ralph Angel not hear all the commotion? How could Darla stand there with a straight face and be so righteous when she used to turn tricks in hotel rooms while Blue was in the room? She judged the condition of Ralph Angel’s house, but quiet as it’s kept, the house has been a dilapidated mess since Season 1 Episode 1; before Ernest Bordelon crossed the river Jordan, so girl, WHAT? I agree that Ralph Angel should have had more control over what was going on in the house but it goes to show that his interest in Blue is diminishing. It didn’t help that while he and Darla are shouting at one another, Blue comes to his mother’s defense and even told Ralph Angel not to yell at his mother. Isn’t it ironic that after all the wrong Darla has done to Blue and the Bordelon family, Blue still looks at her through the eyes of a child and sees no wrong? I digress.


Micah’s classmates are clowning him about his dad having a love child. Keke assures him everything will be okay. Later, he and his activist friends are hanging out on private property and enjoying mumble rap when he receives a call from Keke and immediately declines it! WHAT!?


A truck full of inbred racists pulls up to taunt them and calls the young lady (Micah’s new crush) a “black bitch”; this angers everyone but Micah steps up to address them in a confrontational manner; something we have NEVER seen him do and rips the rebel flag that they take pride in off of their truck. The actions of his father are starting to mold him into a different person.

Ralph Angel

While on a date with Thinh, Ralph Angel discusses his dream deferred. They discuss family and Thinh opens up about how she sacrificed her dreams for her own family and eventually they share a kiss and all I could think was, “Thihn, Ralph Angel is very attractive but he has tooooooooo much baggage. Run sis, RUN!


Charley is still devastated by Davis’ announcement and is lamenting what she thought was once a happy family. She receives an unwanted call from Jacob Boudreaux and ignores the call. Funny how she and Nova are both avoiding the consequences that followed their emotional decisions. We then see her listening to gossip radio shows discuss her current decision with Davis, we also see that she has ignored multiple text messages from her mom regarding the situation with Davis. Charley, while driving, approaches the land of her father’s close friend Mr Prosper being surveyed; land that was allegedly identified as environmentally unsafe and forced him off of his property. The foreman, whom she recognizes from having small talk with Jacob Boudreaux in the bar, seems to be withholding info from her. Nothing ain’t wrong but something ain’t right! Jacob is likely playing her. I could be wrong, but I doubt it.

Nova is at Charley’s doorstep waiting as Charley arrives home after an understandably long day. I held my breath the entire time because I KNOW she was there to tell her about the kiss she and Remy shared. Charley paid her dust which was unusual because she always makes time for people. A few episodes ago, one of Micah’s friend’s raided her refrigerator and asked why she didn’t have whole milk in her fridge. She explained to him how important Silk milk was to her diet and how healthy it was overall and that chooses not to drink whole milk. In the last scene we see her walk into her home with a gallon of whole milk. Is this the beginning of a “zero f**ks given” Charley? I hope so! We then see see Micah approaching her as she sits in their backyard eating a bowl full of cereal while watching magazine pics of Davis burn in her fire pit. Both stare at the fire pit but each seem to be entangled in their own individual thoughts. Perhaps, Davis decision has created a new Micah, as well. We shall see!

The series resumes on July 11th.

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