“Love Is”…

How far are you willing to go for love? Are you willing to be scoffed at by outsiders? Are you willing to lower your expectations for someone who has potential? Are you willing to wait for someone to get out of a “difficult situation”? Is it worth the wait? Do you trust your gut that the person you are stepping outside of your comfort zone for is “the one”?

“Love Is”, which airs every Tuesday on OWN, is a great show for both married folks and for those who anticipate love in their future; whether the goal is marriage or not. The show is so well written! Nuri and Yasir aren’t the true definition of love; they are love! But it’s easy to sit and watch the backstory of each and support their relationship. Can you imagine their situation being applied to your life? How would you handle it? What about Ruby? After BOLDLY showing up at Ruby’s apartment looking for Yasir and pretending to be lost when Ruby answered the door, should Nuri have given Ruby the tea or was it best just to walk away and leave her wondering? Have you been the “Ruby” in a situation? How did you handle it? Are you healed from it? Did it affect future potential relationships? Did it affect your mental health (as I believe it will Ruby’s)? Will Yasir return to Ruby’s apartment to collect his things or will he start fresh? So many questions!

I don’t have the opportunity to blog about every tv show I watch but there is no way I could let the day go by without sharing my thoughts about last night’s episode of “Love Is”. It pulled at my heart strings just like every other episode has. We are so conditioned to believed that love is “this” or love looks like “that” or love makes you feel like “this”, when in reality love just…IS! That’s it. It means different things for different people. It can be static for some and dynamic for others, but it’s still love. Although the word is small and mostly associated with happiness, love also comes with responsibility, pain, decision-making, stress, anxiety, sadness, disagreements and lots of other trigger words.

So after reading this and doing a bit of self-examining and after watching each episode of “Love Is”, are you ready for love? If you are already “in love”, are you willing to re-examine your love so that you can be a better partner? Is the love you extend being reciprocated? What needs to change? Are you comfortable expressing what you need from the person you are in love with? Think on these things…

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