Queen Sugar – “Come, Clad in Peace” (Ep. 308 recap)

Darla and Ralph Angel

Darla has a voice! Who knew?! Not only does she have a voice, she can “read”! Although Ralph Angel made it clear multiple times in the past that he has no interest in creating a visitation schedule for Blue, Darla chooses to revisit the conversation and offer the suggestion again; Ralph Angel turns her down…AGAIN.


In past weeks when Ralph Angel turned down Darla’s suggestion for a visitation schedule, I was convinced that it was because he didn’t trust her parenting skills or lack thereof; however, after watching his facial expressions while walking through Darla’s modern, beautifully decorated new house, including Blue’s room, I am convinced that Ralph Angel is jealous that Darla now has the resources to provide Blue with the material things that typically make a child happy. He is likely fearful that Blue will prefer Darla’s home and eventually want to live there permanently. Instead of praising Darla for attempting to be a better parent, Ralph Angel belittles her by telling her the only reason she can live in such a house and drive her nice car is because her parents paid for it. Baybeeeeeeeee, Darla quickly channeled Ms. Celie during the dinner table scene of The Color Purple when she swiftly reminds Ralph Angel that he is living in the house that his daddy gave him, so he is no different.


The situation seems to be draining  Darla, and me as well if we’re being candid. At this point, Ralph Angel is being petty and he clearly is not thinking acting in Blue’s best interest. We also see Ralph Angel subtly break up with Thinh. She seems taken aback, but little does she know, she dodged a bullet and she is better off without him. Bye Ralph Angel!


Mr. Prosper is being evicted from his home by the EPA aka The Landry’s. Charly insists he live with her and Micah. I think Mr.Prosper living with she and Micah will be great for Micah in more ways than one. Perhaps Mr. Prosper can teach Micah and his activist friends how to effectively and efficiently protest in such a way that will yield positive results and not jail time. He can also teach them Black History from his perspective and his experience. He can stand in as a father  figure and grandfather figure for Micah in the absence of his deadbeat dad Davis and deceased grandfather Ernest. Mr. Prosper could also be the father figure and voice of wisdom that Charley needs right now. Am I the only one who thought Mr. Prosper passed away when Charley gently tried to wake him while he slept in the living room chair?!


Aunt Vi

Aunt Vis deferred dream may soon become a nightmare. While visiting her new investor to counter offer the original deal put on the table, she has a lupus flare and has to be driven home by her investor. Once home, she attempts to continue their discussion but the investor seems less interested in her business.


Nova and Charly spend a large amount of time together this episode. While packing Mr. Prosper’s home, they reminisce about their childhood and old crushes and boyfriends. Charly tells Nova that Aunt Vi has informed her that she has a new love interest. She probes Nova and Nova denies it while looking like she is about wet her pants! I can’t wait until the proverbial tea spills about her and Remy!

Overall, this week’s episode was very airy and lighthearted and comforting; kind of like the calm before a storm…



  1. Ok so I wasn’t the only one thought Mr. Prosper was dead because I saw the wife picture and everything. lol


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