Queen Sugar – “The Tree and Stone Were One” (Ep. 309 recap)

The climax of the season has arrived!


Micah and his friends follow through with their plan to tag the grounds of a local plantation. They place lit tea candles on the porch of an old shack where slaves resided and post signs with the names of deceased slaves in front of the shack. As they back away from the quarters to admire their work, the shack catches on fire. The groundskeeper sees the fire and senses someone is on the property and shoots a few rounds from his shotgun I’m the air. Before Micah and his friends run away, we see some of the spray paint on Micah’s shoes. FORESHADOWING! The next day Micah returns to the scene of the crime to view the damage they had done. DUMB! I’m not sure how none of them thought to look at their clothes to ensure there was no evidence, but i believe micah was the only one with evidence on him and believe me it will come back to haunt him. This protest was supposed to be a small message and has now been escalated to felony arson. Can you imagine if Micah is caught and imprisoned  in the jail that the Landry’s are planning to build in St. Joseph?!


Aunt Vi

The investor interested in Aunt Vi’s company stops by to drop off the contract. She shocked and thankful that he still wants to do business with her after she disclosed her illness to him. There are many amongst us who have dreams and goals that they are afraid to pursue because of their medical diagnosis. Hopefully Aunt Vi’s character gives them the confidence they need to LIVE despite their illness!


Jacob Boudreaux contacts Charly and extends an invitation to dinner with he and his mother. Charly declines along with a few other choice words, but eventually agree after Jacob insists. In a nutshell, Jacobs mother is estranged form her brother Sam Boudreaux. Jacobs mom encourages Charly to Colton Landry’s share of the company and she gives Charley all the information she will need to succeed at that. She is one woman who definitely believes “my enemies enemy is my friend. I for one do not trust the any member of Landry family. They will go to great lengths to get what they want and I think they are all working together to kick the Bordelon family square in the buttocks!

Darla/Ralph Angel

Darla is OVER Ralph Angel and his stubborn ways. Initially, she wanted to work towards a weekend custody schedule; Ralph Angel declined. Then she wanted to do a 50-50 custody schedule; Ralph Angel declined. Now she has a lawyer involved and is requesting 70% custody of Blue. Ralph Angel declines and assures Darla that he will fight her every step of the way, buuuuuuut how does he expect to do that knowing he isn’t Blue’s real father! It’s custody court, so of course the child’s paternity will come into question. It could work out in Ralph Angel’s favor because he signed the birth certificate and has been part of blue’s life fr many years; however, he was locked up for  years of the child’s life. THIS IS A BIG MESS!!!!! I hope parent’s who are currently going through custody battles over petty BS will look at Darla and Ralph Angel and learning something; but I digress.

Nova and Remy

I love that the intimate scenes between Nova and Remy do not involve sex. They are learning more about each other on a personal and spiritual level! They hold hands, they look into each other’s eyes and they touch one another. I love that. That should be the foundation of every relationship; I think they have the propensity to have a very strong relationship because of the way their relationship is beginning; well aside from the fact that he was once her sister’s boyfriend. LOL! Nova seemed overly impressed that not only could Remy “roll up”, but that he was a “bad boy” in the past that took control of his life and turned it around.

Later, Nova arrives at Charly’s home to reveal the identity of the man she has been seeing. Charly is shocked and Nova assures her that if she wants her to stop seeing him, she will. Charly walks away. When Nove confessed, I yelled “Girl. Bye! You better do you, Nova!”. Later Remy appears at Charly’s doorstep to inform her of he and Nova’s relationship and apologize. Charly lashes out at him, but I’m assuming her words didn’t hurt because the vile words that she spewed were not correlated with Remy’s character. It seems as though she was displacing the anger that she has for Davis and Jacob Boudreaux on to Remy and he took it like a champ and walked away. I honestly never saw it for Charly and Remy as a couple. He is laid back and reserved and she is curt and abrasive, which I’m sure is a defense mechanism. When Aunt Vi gets ahold of this news, it will be a sight to see.

I felt that the title of this episode had to have a deeper meaning than just words, so I did some research. Petrified wood is the result of a tree transitioning into stone due to lack of oxygen. Petrifaction process occurs underground, when wood is covered by sediments. Just as the tree seems as though it will die and become useless, elements such copper, iron, and manganese in the mud or water during the process of petrifaction give the petrified wood multiple beautiful colors. The tree eventually becomes a beautiful crystal or stone. CATCH THAT BELOVED!!! The title of this episode can be applied to Charly and/or Ralph Angel. COME THROUGH WRITERS!

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