Queen Sugar – “From On The Pulse Of Morning” (Ep. 313 recap and review)

The season finale of Queen Sugar did not disappoint AT ALL! It was the happiest and saddest and sweetest episode to date! I loved seeing Ralph Angel speak words of hope and encouragement to the inmates. That was amazing, not only because of the richness of the words he spoke, but because this is one form of rehabilitation all inmates need, aside from therapy, prior to transitioning into the free world. He is offered an opportunity to do it on a regular basis as a job, but he turns it down. I’m not sure if being around inmates triggers him and takes him back to his years of being locked up or he doesn’t want to give up working on the Bordelon land he has inherited and has kept manicured or if he wants to stay as far away from anything involving law enforcement since he has yet to be accused, charged and convicted of the armed robbery he committed in Season 1. Who knows?! He also learns that he will be off of parole the following month! Yaaaaaaaaay!!!!

Now that Mommy Dearest has returned home Darla and Ralph Angel seem to be on the one accord when it comes to co-parenting Blue. Darla discusses Trin and implies that she is okay with it; even though her eyes tell a different story. Ralph Angel tells her they are no longer together and both he and Darla share a dialogue that is very touching. Both make it clear that they want the best for Blue, no matter what it takes. Ralph Angel then expresses to Darla about how proud he was of her life change! Wow!


Micah has called a meeting with the farmers and fellow opposers of the new private prison to receive directions, create signs and flyers and discuss the rally against the prison he began planning at the end of the previous episode. He seems to be is sulking because none of his friends appeared to his activist meeting. When the time comes for him to give directives, he is soft spoken and can’t control the crowd. I’m sure everyone is thinking “if he can’t speak up, how can he lead a movement?”. I was definitely thinking that!  He seems to be upset with Charley for stepping up and taking the lead. She actually saved him! Later we see Micah and the protesters and he begins his speech in a very deliberate tone. He finally ditches and speaks about his experience from his heart. He reveals his encounter with police officer who abused him, which angers many protesters. Their responds seems to stir something up in Micah. His speech was very moving and mature. I gagged (as did the crowd) when he boldly and confidently revealed the full name of the cop!


His speech was literally a summary of The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness by Michelle Alexander. Charley later praises him like a good parent should. Both are in shock as they watch news coverage of Micah’s protest against the private prison. We (and they) learn that the police officer that abused Micah has abused many others who after hearing Micah’s speech have the courage to come forward. We then overhear the newscaster say despite all the efforts done the prison will still be built.


When Ralph Angel returns home later that night to find police officers at his home; one of which worked detail at Micah’s rally. He pretty much throws his power around and remind Ralph Angel that anything can happen in a month. Clearly is upset at Micah for exposing his fellow boy in blue and tried to “shake” Ralph Angel. Ralph Angel flinched  but regained his composure. The officers backed down after he told them he had cameras all over the property. My prediction is that they will likely target Micah next; especially after they realize that the his friend is accused of the plantation fire. They will quickly try to spin the story and blame him. They will get a warrant to search Charley’s home and find the sneakers with paint on them and it will be downhill from there.

Nova meets with her lawyer and was praised for how good it is implied that the book is full of tea; hot sweet tea with raw, unpasteurized honey. Nova is unbothered about what her family or outsiders will think of the book. Yes bring it! What could possibly be in there that we don’t already know!? Actually, what do we really know about the Bordelons other than what we have seen the past few seasons. We never see flashbacks of their past. We only hear tidbits. She may be pulling out family secrets…the kind elders don’t discussed even after they are dead and gone. Mess…I’m here for it!

Charley is all teeth and gums and belly laughs and I’m happy for her as she enjoys a cute date night with Mr. Lover Man because by now I would have had a meltdown! I don’t trust him, but that’s only because I don’t trust anyone in St Joseph outside of the Bordelon family, but she is happy and I am happy that she is happy; even if it is only temporary happiness.

Later, she meets with Sissy Landry’s sister…again. I still do not trust this woman as far as I can throw her! She’a Landry; she cannot be trusted! Charley makes another deal with her. The Sissy Landry will only comply if gives up some of her shares. Charley agrees, but with strings attached. She demands the farmers be allowed to move back into their homes and she wants her family mill back. That Sissy Landry states that she  wants more than 1% and Charley counter offers that Sissy Landry will have to give up more than the mill if she wants more of her shares. Yes Charley!


Later, we see Mr prosper moving out of Charley’s place with plans to move to Chicago with his daughter. He gifts Micah with one the best musical gifts a young activist can be offered, The Revolution Will Not Be Televised by Gil Scott-Heron. If you have never heard this piece,I encourage you to GO LISTEN, NOW!. Then listen to A Toast To The People also by Gil Scott-Heron. My Lord!

Charlie makes a stop to Mr. Prosper’s “former” Home and surprises him with the deed and the key. He was genuinely shocked and grateful! It seems as though Sissy Landry has given in! But alas, Charley meets with mean ole’ Sam Landry who implies that he knows what she is up to with Sissy Landry and he raises a damn good point, “You made a deal with a woman who would stab her own brother in the back and watch him bleed out. In God’s name, what do you think she’s going to do to you?” Charley remained stern faced and informed him that she would not be backing down. HE HAS MET HIS MATCH! Their relationship, or lack thereof, reminds me of the battle between our current President and his former Director of African-American Outreach; but I digress.



Aunt Vi’s investor is on the search for a location for her pie shop. She finds out the High Yellow is on the market but cannot imagine herself owning the very place allowed her gain her confidence and independence years ago. Later, Hollywood surprises her by purchasing the High Yellow and both Hollywood and Vi surprise the family by inviting them a small social that turns out to be their wedding!!

Both Hollywood and Aunt Vi stepped out of the house looking like Official Barbie and Ken Collector Dolls; you know, the kind you never take out of the box. They sit on your shelf or in your courier looking pretty.

Their vows are all you need to understand the depth of their love for one another! Here is a snippet of Aunt Vi’s vows:

“Here is where I want to be. You are good, kind, safe and so perfectly flawed that even your jagged parts fit mine just right. On your worst day your spirit flies so high that it make everything round you better. So I commit to you, to us, and I have learned the difference between a love that liberates and a love that feels like it’s always been free. I choose freedom. I choose love. I choose you.”

And here is a snippet of Hollywood’s vows:

“I found what I had been looking for since the day that I was born. I found the woman my soul was meant to love. Vi, I want to be your soft place that lifts your hard world. I want to cheer you on every day and I want to let you know how beautiful you are every night. And I love you.”

This season finale was EVERYTHING! The writing. The directing. Everyone just feels happy and confident.

Thank you for reading my recaps and reviews of each episode weekly. See you next season!

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