What Is A Dream Job? (Inspired by S3.E3 of Insecure- “Backwards Like”)

Molly has finally landed her dream job at a black-owned law firm and her experience at this new firm does not seem to be what she expected. Initially I think Molly liked the thought of working around people that looked like her and would allow her to be thee star lawyer that she is in a more relaxed environment; instead, she is experiencing unprofessionalism (a late courier) and antiquated procedures that could affect her productivity (i.e. her office used as company storage space, tf?).

Her current situation has me wondering; what is a “dream job”? What exactly does that term mean? you never know what you are getting into until you are on the job for a few days, week and sometimes months. Remember the scene with the young lady who Issa and Frieda interviewed for the position at “We Got Yall”? As soon as Frieda left the room, the interviewee wanted Issa’s opinion from a black woman’s perspective. Issa was as honest as she could be; she could have flashed out and told her about the microaggression she experiences and all she experienced on the job, but perhaps she “kept it cute and put it on mute” to protect herself. Who knows?

Oxford dictionary defines a dream as “a thing perceived as wonderful or perfect.” PERCEIVED! CATCH THAT! The word perceived is identified by Oxford as a verb with the following meaning “to interpret something in a particular way”. INTERPRET! CATCH THAT! When you interpret something you understand it or receive it in such a way that YOU understand. When the term “dream job” comes up as a topic of conversation among individuals who are on a path towards said dream job, it usually is matched with smiling faces. I wonder if people think of the possible downside of their dream job. I’ve never thought of that until tonight. I’m sure when Molly pictured working for a successful black owned firm she pictured punctual, organized, magical intellects; instead she seems to be dealing with a firm who works harder than they have to in order to be as great as they are. A firm that could actually better than they are if they were more organized and up to date. Her “dream job” has now become a reality and it seems like she wants that “old thang back” LOL! Will she try to incorporate the practices from her old firm? Will her ideas be welcomed? Will she be ostracised for being perceived as a “know it all”? This will be interesting!

Lagniappe: Did you see the look on Isaa’s face when she saw the children perform at the job fair? It was genuine happiness! Her heart smiled! Did you see how engaged she was when learning about The Beat Crew organization? Seems like she may be venturing out for her dream job as well. I’ve watched her show since its inception on YouTube as “Average Black Girl” and I’m glad to see that after all she has been through with her job, she never loss her passion for children and music!


  1. This is such a great blog topic. I watched this episode last night and had many of the same thoughts as you. I was so happy for Molly initially and then felt that she made a bad choice to switch companies. However, when I think more on it…we all do that at times. Life is about faith in God to lead you to the place you should be. I feel that maybe she will help this company to excel more so in efficiency. She won’t be able to make that change though if they are close-minded and not open to growth.


    1. You make a great point. I wondered if working for this company will hold her back from being greater because she has less access than she is accustomed to and may be less productive. This will be interesting. If she had said, “at my last company” one more time, I would have screamed! 😩


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