Greenleaf -“Strange Currents” and “The Space Between” (S3 E1 & E2 recap and review)

Everything is going down but the word of God! – William McCray, III.

Baybeeeeee the Greenleaf family…A MESS! The state of affairs at Calvary Fellowship…A MESS! The state of affairs at Triumph Church…A MESS!

Dear sweet Charity is on cloud nine with Jabari; at least she thinks she is. Initially, I agreed with her not feeling comfortable with Baby Nathan around Kevin. He left town on a whim and returned when he was ready. Because they have a child together, he should have handled that situation differently, so I understand her initial discomfort with not wanting to leave the baby with him while she traveled. He could have kidnapped the baby and left for good this time! Just as she was getting around to being more comfortable with leaving the baby with him after seeing his new home, she became hesitant once again when Aaron walked in Kevin’s home. When she inquired about whether they were shacking, Aaron informed her that he would be residing there while in town. Charity…girl…how can you sit on your throne and bash Kevin for sleeping with Aaron, when you are sleeping with Jabari? Drop your stones, sis!! We then see Charity contact Jabari to inform him that she cannot join him on the tour that she is CONTRACTUALLY bound to. Of course he is frustrated and completely over what he considers her disinterest in something he is so passionate about. Her naivete kicks in when she mentions that their relationship can continue even though she left him high and dry. He hangs up on her. iCackled!

Zora (touch Lord) is missing Isaiah. I love that the writers are addressing domestic abuse in teen and school aged relationships. Most times we only hear domestic abuse occurring amongst adults. That shakedown Jacob did was hilarious. I do wish he had taken the hinges off of her door as well…for dramatic effect. LOL. He probably doesn’t realize that the more you try to keep a child from someone that they love, the harder that child will fight to defy the parent and chase that other individual; no matter how toxic they may be.
Now while the good reverend Jacob is “sweeping around” Zora’s door, he should have been sweeping around his own. Tasha is playing him like a game of pitty pat and he doesn’t even realize it. The shade of it all is that HIDEOUS necklace that she picked out for Kerissa to wear and Kerissa’s response when she opened the jewelry box, “Ohhhh…it’s differennnnt”. LOL!

Tasha is sashaying around Jacob with her cheap bodycon dresses and a ole nasty southern drawl that would make the ear of any true Southerner bleed. It’s very obvious that she has ulterior motives. We know that her husband has ordered her to take down the Greenleaf empire. Jacob doesn’t know this, but the way she carries herself around him and his office with the flirtatious tone should be enough for him to run in the other direction. How can you lead a flock of sheep in the right direction when YOU are headed for self-destruction!?

Gigi has learned from the good Bishop that although Lady Mae acts as though she sits at the foot of Jesus, she too has had a side piece. Gigi pops off because she is over her mother’s self-righteousness. Gigi’s intuition kicks in and she is leary of Rochelle and realizes the best way to keep up with her is to work with her on a legal defense fund. I personally think Rochelle is too “new” to the crew to be exposed to such personal church business.

Lady Mae and Bishop are throwing more shade at one another than an eclipse. They are clearly OVER one another. She put the Bishop out after learning that his one time bedding with her sister Mavis was actually a short-term affair. She puts him out of the house and he calls Rochelle who meets him at The Biltmore Hotel and allows him to sleep to ease his trouble mind and he did. I’m more than sure she took snaps of him as he lay in bed asleep. FORESHADOWING! (side note: I will gag if she took a pic of him using a snapchat dog filter). Lady Mae learns that he has confided in Rochelle about family business and she puts two and two together and informs him that she knows Rochelle was The Biltmore Hotel with him when she put him out. I love how she says “The Biltmore Hotel”, because her tone reminds me of her tone in the line in the Tyler Perry movie she’s in when she says “for 10 dollars and a cheap fix”. HA; I digress. But baybeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee when she went in that office and read him for every level of filth, I gasped and had to adjust my eyeglasses; specifically, when she told him, “when all of this IRS stuff clears up, I am divorcing your BLACK azz”. STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND WATCH THAT SCENE!!!!! The emphasis she put on “black” made me shudder. Lynn Whitefield is such a phenomenal actress!!!! My heavens!

It seems as though we will see Lady Mae reclaim her time and her identity as Daisy Mae McCready this season and I am here for the transformation.

…and they sang a hymn and departed. -Matthew 26:30


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