Greenleaf – “Chain of Command” (S3. Ep. 3)

This post is hella late because last week  BET’s The Bobby Brown Story had me in my feelings for a few days. But now that I have bereaved and come down off of a rollercoaster of emotion, let’s dig into this Greenleaf family and their mess!

The good Bishop decides that he wants to teach Lady Mae a lesson so he pulls a b*tch move and serves her with divorce papers without forewarning. As if they have not spent 44 years and 4 children together. He quickly realized the err of his ways. Bishop thought that Lady Mae was gonna beg and plead and have to be dragged out of the Greenleaf mansion like Kimberly Elise in Tyler Perry’s “Diary Of A Mad Black Woman”; instead, Lady Mae paid him dust. She visited her lawyer and granted her lawyer permission to drag him and his name through the dirt. Her lawyer, who is familiar with settling divorce cases between pastors and their spouses, warns Lady Mae that she likely will not get what she thinks she deserves out of the settlement. Bishop awaits a call from her throughout the day that never comes. He reveals to GiGi and Jacob that he has served Lady Mae with “them papers”. Jacob is piiiiiiiiiissed!!!! We later see Lady Mae at a Juke Joint listening to what sounds like a modern day version of Miss Celie’s Blues. She looks out of it and over the BS that she knows this divorce will bring. She orders a special drink that the bartender, who happens to be Glenn Plummer aka OG Bobby Johnson, has never heard of and drinks and she begins to share her personal business with two women at a nearby table whom she also invites to her table. She laments and shares her story of how she gave up her dreams and her life for love, only to learn that the love she has given has been unreciprocated. She calls her granddaughter Sophia and apologizes to her for missing their weekly dinner date. Sophia is with the Bishop and when he hears that Lady Mae is on the phone he tried to hurry their conversation along. Once he has Lady Mae on the phone, the tone in his voice implies that he excited to finally hear from her but Lady Mae remains silent on the line and allows the noise from the Juke Joint to take over the call before hanging up. She is really making him stew in his own mess. I’m sure his mind was GONE the remainder of the evening.

She later checks into a nearby hotel. She barely makes it to her room “three sheets to the wind”, when she settles in bed and she seems to finally take in the situation she is in.

Meanwhile Rochelle and Tasha are at the nearest bar and Rochelle is showing her horns! All this time I thought Tasha was the mastermind behind bringing down the Greenleaf empire, but it seems as though she really is as simple minded as she comes off and Rochelle is the mastermind who wants to avenge the death of her father that was caused by Bishop Greenleaf!!


Jacob is notified by Tasha that ripped open envelopes found in the collection basket are leading the Finance ministry to believe that money is missing from the collection basket. He immediately assumes it was Zoey because she is new to the usher ministry and the issue has been occurring since she joined. He gives her an opportunity to confess but she doesn’t. Eventually, Jacob goes into JESUS AT THE TEMPLE MODE overturning everything and doing a complete shakedown of Zoey’s room where he finds the church’s money hidden in her closet!! Baybeeeeeeeee, I want to hit her for him!! First her funky attitude after her family saved her from lil El Debarge and now she has the nerve to steal from her own family. Money that she was likely going to use to run away with him or if not worse, give him. That lil boy has her mind GONE!

And Charity. She never fails to remind me why the family chooses to leave her out of everything. She does not make very good decisions at all. She acts on emotion. After realizing that Kevin doesn’t want her, she announces to her father that she wants to preach. Girl…what?!

“Ha! Oh really? Okay.”

Bishop casted her request aside as though she were a nuisance. She then gets on the road with Baby Nathan to run after Jabari only for him to tell her he is no longer interested and she needs to go back home. She slightly broke my heart when she whispered “no one wants me there”.  I think she is absolutely right about that. They ignore her! Lady Mae always praises and brags about her granddaughters but we rarely see her with Baby Nathan. She seems detached from him; the same way she seems detached from Charity. That could be why she is the way she is, but chile I digress. Jabari paid her emotions dust and sent her on her way. The next scene we see her in her car driving through rain in the dead of night looking over at Baby Nathan who seems to be buckled in his car seat ON THE FRONT SEAT!! Charity has a look in her eyes that reads that she is ready to give up on life and the way she looked over at Nathan tells me that she may take him with her to avoid him being raised by Kevin and Aaron. Baybeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! We are only on the 3rd episode; this season is about to be FIRE! Where is Charity headed? What will her next dumb decision be? Will the Bishop succumb to Rochelle’s advances? Will someone smack some sense into Zoe or will she learn the hard way? We shall see!



“….and they sang a hymn and departed” – Matt 26:30

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