Greenleaf – “The Underdog” (S3 Ep. 4 recap and review)

Beloved, solicit the prayer warriors for every member of the Greenleaf family; from oldest down to the youngest.

Lady Mae goes to visit her good girlfriend Maxine, played by Patti Labelle. Maxine gives all types of false prophet/prosperity preacher tease. Lady Mae gives her the tea on her and Bishop’s marital issue and how she wants to leave and start her own church. Like a true friend Maxine advises Lady Mae to not change her lifestyle because of a decision Bishop made. She encourages Lady Mae to make Bishop leave so that she can run Calvary on her own; a thought Lady Mae seems to have never considered. This will be interesting because it seems there are others who want Grace to take over Calvary.
Later we see Bishop and Lady Mae hosting a party they call a Roundtable at their home. The party serves as a gesture of thanks to all the faithful staff and servants and high rollers and tithers of Calvary Church. From a realistic standpoint and having experienced the black baptist church, this is the type of event that some church goers strive towards. Some people say they attend church religiously to praise and honor God, but they really praise and honor the pastor. They will kiss the pastor’s feet and neglect their own family just to brag about rubbing elbows with “Pastuh”. They will fight you in the street if you utter what they deem a negative word about their pastor.


Even if their pastor does wrong and I mean REALLY wrong; he will still be right and they will tell you “that’s my pastuh”. Most of the individuals at this Roundtable event are very self righteous and will look down on anyone is not a part of “Pastuh’s click”. They will scowl at those who enter the church looking poor, hungry, unkept or in need, WHEN THAT IS THE VERY PEOPLE THAT NEED THE CHURCH THE MOST! But chile, I digress.

This Bishop gave a very moving speech about the depth of his love for Lady Mae and how grateful and blessed is to have her in his life. EL TORO CACA!!! But they played it off so well. The lamenting tears that dropped from her eyes were obviously viewed as tears of joy from those in attendance as they gave a resounding applause for the couple as Bishop closed his speech with a kiss.

Lady Mae’s mind is money and money is on her mind. She knows she has to keep the shenanigans up in order to get the hefty donation from Sis Clara who recently won the lottery. Meanwhile Rochelle, get’s a moment alone with the Bishop after Lady Mae spots her and demands Bishop kick her out of their house/party. With a desperate tone, he makes it clear that he had a moment of bad judgement when he called her to spend time in her room at THE BILTMORE HOTEL; he also asks her to leave. Rochelle immediately let s him know how dissatisfied and hurt she is and reminds him that she is madly in love with him and he believes it. Ohhhhh she is good! She starts to throw hints of subtle threats that remind me of the character Brandy from the classic 90’s movie, “A Thin Line Between Love And Hate” played by Lynn Whitfield (Lady Mae).


Rochelle is aware of the importance of Sis Clara’s donation to Calvary Church and now that she see she can’t use her femininity to bring down the pastor, she will do what she can to take away something she knows the church needs most right now…money! She hints to Sis Clara that donating the large amount of money may not be the best financial decision. She uses the right jargon to make Sis Clara rethink her donation and then disappears. On her way out, Sis Clara tells Lady Mae that she will sit down with her own financial team to discuss the donation. She is escorted out by her granddaughter who is the Bishop’s administrative assistant. Immediately a light bulb went off in my head. She is a horrible administrative assistant, but Bishop and Lady Mae likely gave her the position to please Sis Clara. Also, last week the letter from the IRS sat on her desk; she never opened it and the thought never crossed her mind that the church needs her granny’s money to get out of debt. See. Incompetent!

Kevin is pacing back and forth in his apartment trying to get in touch with Charity who is ignoring all of his calls. He decides to call the police to report her for kidnapping, but Aaron encourages him to not do so and wait a little longer. Kevin later shows up at the Greenleaf mansion looking for Charity. No one has seen her, so GiGi calls her and she is seen laying out on a lanai with a drink and no baby in sight. Tf?! Kevin takes the phone and attempts to ask about Nathan; she hangs up.

Zora is still moping around with a resting b*tch face and a nasty attitude. Sophia and she have a friendly discussion that turns ugly when Sophia realizes that Zora is using her laptop to converse with Isaiah. They exchange words and eventually go to blows like a good ole’ reality tv fight. Kerissa runs in and breaks up the fight and sees something on the laptop that makes it clear to her that Zora is still conversing with Isaiah. Zora, who’s personality has morphed this season starts spouting off at the mouth to her mother and waving her hands around and Kerissa went straight into mama mode. I was on my feet when she grabbed Zora’s had and with clenched teeth said, “you betta get cho hand out my face”. Yes, Keressa!!! Earlier in the episode Kerissa decided boot camp may be best for Zora, but Jacob thinks sending her to live with her grandmother, Lady Mae, will straighten her out. Tuh!

Now with all of this serious mess going on; the characters are emotional; the viewers are emotional and where is Charity? Singing like her life depended on it in what looks like a hotel lounge or the activity area of a senior citizens home, singing “I Will Survive”. Baby Nathan is seen seated in his stroller laughing at her crazy behind and I couldn’t help but laugh too because the timing of his laugh and the seriousness on her face. I cannot. In the words of Deborah Cox, how did we get here!?!? See, this is why no one in the family makes time for her! It’s like everyone is on Saturn and she is on Pluto. We then see the police preparing to escort her and likely arrest her on kidnapping charges; rightfully so!

Every, and I do mean EVERY, episode of Season 3 thus far as been as a good as any season finale I have ever seen. Every episode ends on a climax that is higher than the previous episode’s. I’m talking Mount Kilamjaro heights!

…and they sang a hymn and departed” – Matthew 26:30


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