Greenleaf – “Closing Doors” recap and review (S3 Ep.5)

Let’s jump right into this!

Lady Mae recieves word, from a member of the church’s trustee board, that everyone unanimously would like Grace to take over Calvary Baptist. Of course this goes against Lady Mae’s plan of action to boot out the Bishop and become overseer of the church. Hearing this news sends into a rage as she storms Grace’s office and accuses her of sweet talking the leaders but Grace makes it very clear that she has NO interest in running the church. Lady Mae also informs the Bishop of her desire to oversee the church and he gathered her quickly by informing her that if they go through with the divorce, it will be her who will be booted out of Calvary Baptist, not him.


Lady Mae and Bishop Greenleaf receive word that Sis. Clara will not be donating the large amount of money once promised. This donation would have loosed Calvary Baptist from the shackles of the IRS. Bishop’s shady friend, who owns a funeral home and was at one point at the IRS’ mercy, encourages him to use all of his resources by any means necessary and when he says resources, he is speaking of Rochelle Cross. Bishop feels because he has cast her away, that there is no way he will be able to use her as a helpful resource. He finally realizes that she is the only way out. He meets her in the lobby of office apologizing (LIKE A FOOL) and groveling (LIKE A FOOL) to get on her good side. Rochelle plays hard to get and sends him on his way, but it is obvious that this all part of her plan.

Speaking of Rochelle, she and Tasha took advantage of Jacob’s trust and set him up to sign paperwork to open a bank account that Rochelle will likely use to drain the church’s money. Rochelle assumed a cheap bodycon dress would blind him from the evil that they are doing, but what Tasha realizes is that he is not interested in her in that way; he trusts her and views her as a member of his family. The decision to manipulate him was clearly difficult for Tasha because aside from the issues her father-in-law and the Bishop had, the Greenleaf family treats her very well; better than her own sister-n -law Rochelle.

Sophia has been experiencing excruciating pain and is eventually rushed to the hospital where Grace learns that Sophia will have to undergo a surgical procedure to remove a tumor. Before going into surgery, Sophia tells Grace that her and Roberto had a very serious lunch date where she excitedly expressed their desire to marry one another had have children together. The meds kick in and Sophia goes into a deep sleep while being wheeled away for the procedure. We see Grace standing alone and clearly worried. She asks the staff the location of the chapel and before walking away she sees Lady Mae standing and looking just as worried as she is. It seems as though Lady Mae knows that she should console Grace but she isn’t sure if she should. Grace locks eyes with her then heads to the chapel alone.

Charity stole the show! Do you hear me? CHARITY STOLE THE ENTIRE SHOW! She is clearly experiencing depression. Grace visits her room at the Greenleaf mansion and attempts to comfort her, but Charity ain’t havin it. Kevin shows up to pick up Baby Nathan. She meets him at the bottom of the stairs and throws the baby’s bag on the floor then immediately turns away to return to her room. She finds an old bottle of OxyContin left over from her caesarean and she indulges. We see the impact the meds have on her while the Greenleaf family sits at the hospital waiting to hear from the doctor’s regarding Sophia’s well-being. Charity is high as a kite and wearing pajamas and acting a damn fool Although entertaining, I must say that I did cringe a bit when while waiting for Sophia to get out of surgery, she blurted to Grace in a joyful tone that if Sophia dies, she has her back.


Later we see Kerrisa and Zora having a serious discussion about Zora’s absence in the home and whether she is happy living with Lady Mae. Zora walks away with attitude at the conclusion of the discussion and Charity (still high) whispers to Kerissa that she and Jacob messed really bad raising Zora, but at least they have at least one good kid. I thought Kerrisa was going to knock her out, but she quickly realized that something was off with Charity. Charity then moises over to the vending machine to purchase a candy bar. The machine takes her money and does not return the candy bar she request and she gets so infuriated that she punches through the vending machine glass, retrieves the candy bar and with a bloody hand precedes to open and eat the candy bar…as though what just happened, didn’t happen. Ma’am!

When she begins to come down off of her high, we see her in a wheelchair with her hand bandaged still at the hospital. Clearly she was drug tested when being treated for her wound because we see Lady Mae disclose to Bishop that OxyContin is what caused her erratic behavior. Bishop tried to convince Lady Mae that they work out their issues in their marriage so that they can be a strong force for Zora, Sophia and Charity, but he really wants to work it out to save face and save the church. Lady Mae basically tells him that at this point, there is no turning back. The family gathers to and head to the hospital chapel to meet with Grace and pray for Sophia. This is the first time the family has gathered in one scene with no drama! Parallel to real life because sometimes it takes the death or near death experience to bring family together and put their differences aside. We see Charity get up from her chair and walk towards the altar. I held my breath because I thought she was about to destroy the chapel with the large crucifix that sat on the altar; instead, she goes to sit next to Grace. She locks hands with her mouths an apology while the family says the “Our Father” prayer aloud. After they pray, Bishop receives a text from Rochelle apologizing and offering to help. He breathes a sigh of relief. Little does he know he is likely about to dance with the devil. Perhaps had he been focusing on being a leader for the people and saving souls, he wouldn’t be blinded by Rochelle’s evil ways.

Later, we learn that the pain Sophia experienced is due to a cyst on her ovary that is so severe that her ovaries had to be removed! The doctor informs Grace that young Sophia will never be able to have children of her own. The scene where Grace shares this info with Sophia broke me all the way DOWN. Although a teenager, Sophia anticipated the day that she would become a mother and in the blink of an eye, that dream dissipated. I thought of all the women who have had similar diagnosis and have had to curtail their dream of bringing a life into the world. Those tears she shed and the way she howled. WHEW! I had to gather myself and remember that it’s just a show.


Will this medical news change Sophia’s relationship with God? Will Charity’s use of Oxycontin become an addiction? Will she lose custody of Baby Nathan? Does she even care? Will someone slap some sense (I hope so) into Zora? Will Tasha’s conscience kick in and force her to go against Rochelle’s orders? How far will Rochelle go to bring down the Bishop?

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