Greenleaf- “The Price of Freedom” (S.3 Ep. 8 recap and review)

Everything is going down but the word of God in the Greenleaf family!

Zora’s departure from the Greenleaf mansion caused a scene at the front gate and just as she was leaving who pulls up? None other than Isaiah aka Lil El Debarge! Rude as hell, talking crazy to HER GRANDMOTHER and later to her parents when they arrived and then he had the nerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrve to talk crazy to Zora in front of them!! Lil Debarge recorded the whole on his phone and went live during the fiasco and I wish Jacob would have snatched that phone and threw it back on to the Greenleaf property so that he could have had a justified reason for attacking that little boy, who I am more than sure would have run to fetch the phone not thinking twice about Stand Your Ground laws. Keressa should have been stealing as much paperwork as she could from his vehicle and stealing his windshield wipers and keying his vehicle. Desperate times call for desperate measures! And I LOVE how Charity went into “Knuck If You Buck” mode when she pulled up and realized was going on. Maybe she isn’t so coocoo after all. The whole scene was chaotic and messy, and I loved EH-VUH-RY minute of it.


As Zora gets into Isaiah’s car to leave, Keressa, in tears, gives Zora her phone and promises that she won’t call to bother her, but she would like to hear from her every now and then. Isaiah immediately snatches the phone from Zora and throws it out of the window before  dangerously taking off at a high rate of speed. The family, still emotional, is seen in the Greenleaf mansion trying to devise a plan to save Zora and bring her back. Jacob receives an “after the morning after” type of text message from Tasha which he quickly deletes. Tempers flare and Keressa explains to Lady Mae that she does not want Zora to end up like Faith, Lady Mae’s daughter who committed suicide after being unable to deal with multiple forms and years of mental and physical abuse. Jacob calms both ladies down. Keressa decides that she will take it upon herself to go to Isaiah’s parent’s house to see if the two will end up there. Prior to leaving she asks for Jacob’s phone in case Zora calls. He eyes widened like he saw a ghost as he hesitated giving it to her. He stalls by asking all types of questions “where are you going?” “why” “what are you gonna do when you get there?” “I need my phone”. Baybeeeeeeeeeee,I cackled! Keressia put two and two together and figured he was trying to hide something in his phone from her, so she threw it in his chest and left without it. Come thru DRAMA!

Lady Mae joins Keressia on her journey to Isaiah’s parents house where she apologizes for her comment about Faith which was said in anger. Eventually Isaiah pulls up with Zora and he runs inside leaving Zora in the vehicle. Kressia apprehensively approaches the vehicle and Zora looks at her with disgust as she rolls the window down. She reminisces on the day she gave birth to Zora- her firstborn. She told her how her baby brown eyes stared her as if to say “now what are you going to do” and tells Zora that she did everything she could so that she could make sure that she didn’t fail her and that she helped her achieve all of her hopes and dreams. At that moment I put myself in Kressia’s shoes, at that point she had to feel hurt, betrayed, scared and likely blaming herself for the situation that Zora was now in. Knowing some boy that I had access to was beating my child, would definitely have caused me to act on emotion and not common sense. This boy has literally been in Zora’s life for a few months and wiped away everything she was taught. She has lost all sense of common sense. I don’t even thinkshe is graduationg form high school! WTF ZORA! After pouring her heart out to Zora, Zora had the nerve to ask “are you done?”. If I could have “RATCHED” through that tv, I would have strangled her. Just heartless and unconcerned and unbothered. At that point, Keressia seems to have realized that there is literally nothing else she can do to make Zora realize that she is throwing her life way. She walks away defeated. I wonder if now that her parents are no longer going to run after her, if Zora will realize how dumb she is being. Initially, it appears she was with him to defy her parents, but now that they have given up, I wonder if it will take the “fun” out of it? I also wonder if all of this could have been avoided had Lady Mae allowed Zora to go to the Broadway play with her mother for her birthday?

We then see Jacob back at the church. Tasha is in her feelings and sincerely asks where he has been. She really thinks that they are a thing or that he has feelings beyond lust for her.


Sis, you are the other woman; fall back, love! Jacob explains to her that he regrets the kiss they shared and assures her that it will NEVER happen again. Tasha gets all emotional and explains how NOTHING ever works out for her and NO ONE is ever there when she needs them. Blah, blah, blah. Bore, bore bore. I refuse to feel sorry for her; she is working with Rochelle Cross! Hello! Goodbye! I do sense that something tragic will happen to her at her own hands. I wonder if she will leave a letter with all deets and a few exaggerations


Bishop walks in and Jacobs tells him that Tasha is crying because she lost a friend, but she will be ok. DISMJISSIVE, LOL! I gagged because Bishop had no clue about what happened at the house with Zora and when he has asked more probing questions, Jacob paid him dust and lint. lol! Bishop decides to go to the Greenleaf mansion to get an update on the family drama but is stalled at the gate because Lady Mae has changed the gate code! Ha! Once he is allowed entry, he speaks with Lady Mae seems to demand that he not be ignored or kept out of the loop. In her own “Lady Mae way”, she informs him that at this point, he only has a friend in Jesus.


Charity is seen at Mr. Percy’s funeral home again, I’m assuming to sing for a service. We see Mr Percy admiring how she helps family though their grief. She really seemed to genuinely care about healing the lady through her grief.  This will likely be the way charity finds her purpose and beings to heal from her own issues. Mr. Percy offers her a job and the funeral home after he passes way. Charity graciously turns him down, but I’m sure he will offer both to her again in the future. I hope she eventually takes him up on that offer. The funeral home is on the property with his home, so she will likely get the whole shebang. What I do know is that she needs to get the heck out the Greenleaf mansion! Notice how dark and dreary the mansion is. Always! Notice how even though it’s a funeral home, Mr. Percy’s business is bright and lit up. I’ve heard old people say, “It ain’t the dead you need to worry about, it’s the living” and it’s true. Being amongst the dead is healthier than being at that God forsaken Greenleaf mansion!

Grace is still neglecting Sophia *shade* and supporting the woman who the allegedly killed her husband as an act of self-defense. The district attorney wants to convince the young lady and Grace is making that very difficult. He reminds grace that he is the reason she was not charged with pre-meditated murder and informs her he can make her life a living hell. Hopefully he does because her story line is a lot let less interesting than everyone else’s.

How can Bishop and Jacob lead an entire flock when they aren’t even leading the people in their own homes down the right path? Be careful who you trust with your soul…


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