Greenleaf – “The End is Near” (recap and review S.3 Ep.11)

Let me go ahead on and go in before I go ahead and go IN! My schedule has been extremely busy the past week, but let me give you a 2 min run down of last weeks episode which was full of tea, shade and self-righteousness:

  1. Tasha is walking around her home DRANKIN brown liquor and crying about Jacob’s unrequited love or perhaps her tears are guilt for how she has gooped the Greenleaf family; Jacob specifically out of a large piece of coin. Rochelle, whom she has been avoiding shows up at the house and in an aggressive tone and demands to be let in the home. After a brief convo with Tasha, who reminds me of Hoopz throughout this episode, Rochelle realizes that Tasha is in love with Jacob. Tasha is clearly “full of that brown” and tells Rochelle that even though Rochelle is Skanks’ sister, it’s none of her business especially since she believes Skanks is dead due to his elongated absence. Low and behold he appears from the dark, looking like Ozone from the movie “Electric Boogaloo”.
  2. Zora is still following Isaiah around and we see a text from Spelman college that she has been selected to interview. Isaiah is clearly still abusive and obviously playing her like a fool and she is still allowing it. Que Sera!
  3. The new accountant that has been hired to fill Tasha’s vacant position immediately notices that 3 transactions that sum up to 200,000  have been transferred from the church’s account. No one knows how this happened or where it went, so Kerrisa pressures Jacob to call Tasha to inquire about the transaction. After he backs down Kerissa takes it upon herself to call Tasha. At this point, Tasha is 3 sheets to the wind and confesses to Kerissa that she and Jacob had an intimate moment. She rambles on about it and stops short of giving Kerrisa the detailed info. Kerissa drags Jacob for filth, as she should.
  4. Lady Mae’s old flame/side piece is dying and requests to see her and informs her know he wants to talk about his daughter…GRACE! I knew all along that Grace wasn’t Bishop’s child. It explains why Lady Mae was dismissive and disrespectful towards her. So Grace is Lionel Jefferies’ daughter. Aaron is Lionel Jefferies’ son. Grace and Aaron are brother and sister. Grace’s sister Charity had a baby (Nathan) with Kevin. Kevin is now dating and shackin’ up with Aaron. So Nathan is Grace’s nephew on her sister and brother’s side because Nathan is also Aaron’s stepson…giphy1
  5. Charity is smitten by the new choir leader and he seems to be smitten as well but all that vanishes away after she reveals to him that she is divorced and that her ex husband is now gay. The leader makes a self-righteous remark about homosexuality that doesn’t sit right with Charity after they agree to have dinner. Later, Charity calls him and expresses how she felt about what he said. He basically told her “it is what it is”, and she cancelled him with the quickness. Her recent life lessons have definitely matured because there was a time she was ready and willing to bash Kevin to whomever would listen.
  6. Grace finds out that Rochelle Cross is the child Darrel James, the man who’s death her father is responsible for.


Zora is finally seeing Isaiah for who he really is. I hope she leaves him sooner than later and returns home to finish school so that she can attend Spelman!

Grace confronts her father/step-father/Bishop Greenleaf an inform him who Rochelle Cross really is. She gives him detailed info about Rochelle’s background and proof that she is Darrel James daughter and that she is the half-sister Basie Skanks, but the Bishops seems confused or unbothered. Rochelle has put a mental whip appeal on him so good that he can’t even think straight. Bishop immediately defends Rochelle’s honor and as he tries to convince Grace that Rochelle is a good person the FBI bursts through the doors of his loud live and in living color with boxes in hand. They inform bishop and grace that the church is being accused of embezzlement of church funds. Lady Mae, unbeknownst to what is going on, is in the sanctuary being interviewed about her upcoming event, “A Day with Lady Mae” when the fed almost burst through the interview. She wrapped things up quickly and is informed that they are there to raid the church. Lady Mae is so oblivious to the lengths that Bishop has gone with Rochelle, that she believes that the raid is a result of Grace’s legal defense fund.  Baby walk to the admin area and saw the feds scattered about AND found out her name was on the warrant AND that they are confiscating her laptop which has her sermons and pictures for a day with Lady Mae she went into a rage. Charity was in Charity mode for a hot second and Lady Mae popped off on her and belittled her which must have been what she needed to collect herself; she ended up saving the day by convincing the FBI agent to allow her to retrieve the sermons and pics Lady Mae needed. Imagine that!

We then see that the FBI has visited Triumph. Jacob, like his father, is confused. Bishop, Lady Mae, Grace, Jacob and Karissa all sit in conference room with Grace’s lawyer partner and they begin to make this whole situation make sense. Bishop is still in denial and when he attempts to show them the app which reflects the amount of money accrued, he receives a “404 error”; the website/app is no longer operable.

Remember that paperwork that Tasha had Jacob sign a few weeks ago; the paperwork he didn’t read? Well that paperwork gave authorization for an account to be created and routed to Calvary’s bank account. Remember when Bishop approached Rochelle and accused her of using him and she told him to pull the app up on his phone and look at the numbers? He thought he was looking at his “cryptocurrency investment” increase but he was really looking at the money he had already given Rochelle to invest, plus the $200,000 Tasha vetted from Calvary per Rochelle’s orders. The money Bishop gave Rochelle to invest and pay off the IRS, never made it to the IRS.

Jacob calls Tasha to get her to admit to taking the money but she doesn’t budge, urges Jacob to gain Tasha’s trust by telling her he loves her. That seems to the words that Tasha has been longing to hear because her disposition changes immediately. The viewers see this and Rochelle and Basie who are also in the room with Tasha see it. Later we see Tasha sneaking to make a call to Jacob. She implies that she has valuable information for him and asks to meet him alone later that night. Kerissa is in the room when all of this transpires and accuses, no actually, she informs him that he cares for Tasha; he denies it, but it’s very clear that he cares.

Basie shows up to meet with Jacob instead of Tasha and I thought we were about to see a murder to take place! Basie is clearly hurt by what he believes happened between Jacob and Tasha and he clearly loves Tasha; he just doesn’t know how to. Jacob informs him that it was only one kiss and it meant nothing. Basie informs him that although it meant nothing to Jacob, Tasha made it clear that it meant the world to her. He informs Jacob that he has Tasha’s phone and walks away. I believe Tasha is somewhere dead or somewhere detained against her will.

We later see Grace roll up on Rochelle on her way to her office the day to confront her and inform her that she is on to her. Rochelle denies everything, reads Grace for FILTH and informs Grace that bother her, and the Bishop professed their love for one another and once they are married, she expects Grace’s paranoia and preconceived notions to change. Baybeeeee I cackled at the fact that Rochelle is trolling the heck out of Grace IN her face WITH a straight face! HA! She even told her that the two of them can be sisters once she and Bishop marry.


We later see Grace back at the church looking for Bishop. She finds him in the basement and immediately shares the conversation she had with Rochelle specifically the part about them sleeping with one another. Bishop is shocked and FINALLY fed up with Rochelle and goes to confront about everything. Baybeeeeee Rochelle flipped the script on him and started playing mind tricks. Hell, she had me going back and forth on whether I missed a scene. Remember the first time he met her at THE BILTMORE HOTEL? He was asleep in her hotel room; she had to wake him up because he was in such a deep sleep. What if she drugged him? What if she got in bed with him and took selfies? What if they did “sleep” together and she is pregnant with a baby Greenleaf! LAWD!

When he inquires of whether she is the daughter of Daryl James and she confirms that she is; he then realizes that he has been hoodwinked, bamboozled, led astray and run amuck. The only words he can summon up are “You won’t get away with this”. And when walks out she mumbles to herself with the most confident, unbothered tone, “B*tch I already did”.


So last week, we were left to assume that Lady Mae’s old flame Lionel Jefferies’ is Grace’s father. But this week we learn that Lady Mae is unsure of who Grace’s father is!!!! Ma’am, what? She definitely allowed Lionel to die with the belief that Grace is his daughter because after Aaron contact Lady Mae to inform him of his father’s demise, he finds Grace and delivers the surprising news to her. It was definitely not his place to do that. But who knows, maybe it was his father’s dying wish to go out in a petty style by adding on to the hot pile of sh*t that the Greenleaf family is dealing with and he did just that! giphy2

How is this not the season finale!? Every week after each episode I say to myself “there is nowhere else for the writers go; they’ve touched every corner”. And every week they prove me wrong. I will need an inhaler and a stiff drink for the finale, because I CANNOT take much more!

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