Greenleaf – “Day of Reckoning” (S.3 Ep. 12 recap and review)

The opening scene picks up where Lady Mae and Grace left off when Lady Mae revealed that she wasn’t sure if Lionel Jeffries is Grace’s father. Grace is running after her for more info and Lady Mae changes the narrative and makes it about her; totally disregarding the fact that for Grace there is a possibility that “Paw not Paw”. Imagine learning that the only man you have known and loved as your father all of your life could possibly be of no relation. That is a hard pill to swallow and Lady Mae totally ignored that and scolded Grace for seeking out the truth.

Jacob and Keressia are at home and Jacob is pacing the floor so much he may likely put a hole it. Keressia encourages him to call Tasha again and he refuses because Basie has her phone. Tasha is pissed and accuses Jacob of caring about Tasha and I agree with her. She raises another great point; Jacob has not apologized to her nor has he consoled her or calmed her about their future, but he doesn’t want to call Tasha because he doesn’t want her to get in trouble. This woman (TASHA) may have what it takes to keep you and your father out of jail and you are concerned about her feelings being hurt or her husband’s ego being hurt??!?!? SIR! WHAT?! Jacob decides to go to Tasha’s home in hopes that she will be found and willing to testify on his and his father’s behalf.

Rochelle is bragging to Hoopz Tasha about how she has convinced the Bishop that they slept together and admits to knowing full well that they didn’t. Tasha informs her that she would rather not hear how she is a part of the movement that has brought down the Greenleaf family and their churches. Basie storms in and announces that they need to roll out because Jacob is likely on his way to check on his “side piece”, Tasha (his words, not mine). Basie pulls a briefcase of cash which is clearly the money Rochelle stole from both churches. Basie begins packing some of the money while Rochelle whispers to him that some of the cash is for a bookie that is owed money. Basie is unbothered and tells her it won’t be necessary because they will be relocating to Mexico. Tasha who is clearly afraid of Basie and Rochelle is hesitant to pack a bag so they can skip town but Rochelle gathers her and she follows command. Jacob arrives at Tasha and Basie’s home and finds it in a rummaged state which clearly indicates that whomever was there left in a hurry. Was I the only thinking, he should grab a bag and take some of that nice deco?

Basie leaves on his own and as the ladies are preparing to leave, Rochelle receives a call from Cora Lee; the woman Grace has been fighting for all while neglecting her own daughter Sophia. Cora Lee starts rambling about needing more money to take care of her kids who are being mistreated at a foster home blah, blah, blah. Nothing she was saying made any sense to me and for a minute I thought she was high as a kite, but THE GAG IS is that she was working with Grace and Jacob to trap Rochelle and Tasha so they catch one or both. Shout out to Grace for using Rochelle’s trigger (neglected children) against her. She knew exactly what to tell Cora to get Rochelle to respond. As evil as she is, Rochelle likely has a soft spot for children who are mistreated in foster home because it likely happened to her. When Tasha and Rochelle show up at Cora Lee’s, Jacob and Grace are staking out Cora Lee’s home and just as sure as they thought, Rochelle pulls up with Tasha. While waiting Jacob confesses that he kissed Tasha and tells a sweet story that professes his love for Keressia. Why did it take him kissing another woman and being on the verge of facing jail time to realize what he has at home is better than the tail he chases in the street?  Make it make sense. As soon as both Tasha and Rochelle arrive and enter Cora Lee’s house, Grace and Jacob quickly exit their vehicles. Initially, I assumed they were exiting the vehicle to break into Rochelle’s car to get the money but nope! Jacobs gives a knock that for me was reminiscent of the RA or House Moms banging on my dorm room door when I played my Erykah Badu – Mama’s Gun album at ignorant decibels. But, I digress. Baybeeeeeeee, once Rochelle caught wind of what was going on she read Grace for filth! One thing she said that stood out to me was when told Grace, “I know what you did in Phoenix”.


I have no clue what she did in Phoenix. If I were Cora Lee I would interjected with the following, “girl…what she did in Phoenix?”. While Rochelle is reading grace DOWN, Jacob and Tasha are outside and Jacob tells Tasha that he does not want an extramarital affair. Tasha informs him that she is okay with that and the scene ends!!! WTH! Tasha knows for sure that the money is in the car yet they are out there lollygagging. He has Tasha who can explain to the FBI what really went on, so why not get the money too!?!?!? If I recall, earlier in the episode Basie left the house WITHOUT the suitcase of money with the intent to meet Rochelle and Tasha later that evening. I believe now that Rochelle knows the Feds are on to her, she may take that money and skip town alone.

Zora gave me grown up Miss Celie tease this episode. She is over Isaiah using her as his maid, personal assistant, bed wench and hostage while he runs the street with no regard for her well-being or their relationship.  She is finally over it and back her things and gives a goodbye speech. Isaiah goes into Isaiah mode and begins attacking her and luckily she thought fast enough and pulled out her phone and went LIVE on social media; the same way he did when he picked her up from the Greenleaf mansion weeks ago. He, of course, backs off to protect his image and Zora is finally FREE!!! We later see her at the bus stop, where Sophia picks her up. I love that Sophia asked no questions and created a judgement-free zone.

Jacob and Keressia are at the house and Keressia is FINALLY fed up with his BS and asks for a divorce. As they argue over the best way to fix their broken marriage moving forward, in walks so Zora and baybeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee all I could think about is one of my favorite bible stories, The Prodigal Son!!! How will the dynamic of their marriage change and their home change now that Zora is home? Is Zora home with a bun in the oven? If so, how will that affect Sophia who will never be able to carry a child?!


We later see what we have all been waiting for, “Day With Lady Mae”. Charity and Maxine Patterson sing a nice rendition of Changed by Tremaine Hawkins. Note: if you want to hear a version of this song that is sure to give you chills, click here to watch Crystal Rucker act a complete sanctified fool at the Hawkins Family Tribute. She sang her face off! The song seems to be symbolic of Charity’s transformation this season; she is much stronger, less petty and seems to be holding herself together real well.

Back at “A Day With lady Mae”, Grace receives the results from the DNA test that she and Aaron took to determine whether they were siblings. She calls Aaron and asks that he meet her at the church. Aaron was with Kevin the time she called him, I wish I could have been a fly on the wall to see Kevin’s response upon learning that Lady Mae was a thot bot in her younger years.

While waiting for Aaron, Grace runs into her father Bishop. He confides in her and tells her how grateful he is to be her father and how even as a baby she made him feel like he had purpose. It was a very heartfelt moment and I can only imagine what his response will be if he finds out that Grace is not his daughter.

Meanwhile Lady Mae is preaching like her life depends on it. The sermon was good because she referenced something many pastors don’t consider. Some don’t care about the feeling of their audience nor do they understand that it is not wise to talk down or look down on the very people you lead and every sermon does not have to be full of fire and brimstone; God is more than that! She repeats many times throughout the sermon, “The day of reckoning is today”. Reckoning can be defined simply as a settled account. She kept saying that over and over. So basically kept saying “the account is settled today; the account is settled today”.

Bishop is in his office as she preaches the house DOWN and lo and behold in walks Basie with a crazy look his eye and a shiny pistol in his hand cocked, loaded and aimed at the Bishop! Is this the account that is about to be settled? Basie is extremely emotional and still has a bit of good in him because the mini fire and brimstone sermonette Bishop gave him to convince him to release the gun seemed to cause him to fight against doing the right thing. Basie tells him “If you are the man you think you are say “hi” to Jesus; but if you are the man I know you are, you will burn like my daddy”. Skrrrrt!!! If he thinks his daddy is in hell, it’s for a valid reason. Why is he and Rochelle so dead set on avenging their father’s death if he is so sure that his father is in hell!??!!?!? Also, earlier in the episode Bishop told Grace he had a vision about how the federal investigation would end and it didn’t end with him jail. When he shared this with her, seemed excited. He asked her of she believed in visions and she replied “no” and asked him to share his vision. He declined and with a smile stated “you wouldn’t believe it anyway”. When I saw Basie in his office I wondered if the vision or dream that Bishop saw was Heaven. Also, take notice just before Basie walked in with the gun, Bishop was rubbing his upper back. I wonder how he got to Heaven in that vision or was it just a glimpse. Was the pain he rubbed a warning from the Holy Spirit that “the time” is now?

Next week is the season finale and I don’t know about you, but I will be “waitin’ at the do'(door)” for it like…



  1. I had the same thought when Basie said, “but if you are the man I know you are, you will burn like my daddy.” But then I remembered that his daddy was burned in the church fire.


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