Ep. 9 – Let Them Eat Cupcakes!

Joining me under My Apple Tree is Baton Rouge native and owner of Cupcake Junkie, Robyn Selders.

We discuss the inception of Cupcake Junkie, the most rewarding aspects of being a business owner and the impact her faith has had on her success.

We discuss how Robyn pivoted her career from teacher to business owner, the feeling of fear that accompanied that change, her ability to bridge her classroom skills over to her new career and the challenges she faced while starting her own cupcakery.

Robyn also gives advice to those who feel they are stuck in their current job and too afraid to pursue their dream career and she gives a word of financial advice to those who feel they can’t afford to pursue their dream of opening their own business.


For more information about Cupcake Junkie: http://www.cupcakejunkiebr.com/

Be sure to support My Apple Tree Online Merch Store: https://www.teepublic.com/stores/my-apple-tree-merch.

This episode was produced by RGB Production.

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