Ep 13. – What About Your Friends

I spent my birthday weekend living it up with my girls in Houston, Texas. We partied and reminisced about our Undergrad years at Nicholls State University and decided to have a discussion about friendship. We discuss how ewe each define friendship, our expectations in a friendship and how our definition of friendship changes as we age. We discuss the impact marriage can have on a same sex and opposite sex friendship and how to handle a friendship that our partner does not support.

We discuss the advantages of and disadvantages of cross-generational friendships and friendships created via social media. We also discuss the difference between friends and family and how we would handle being forced to choose a family or friend given a situation. Lastly, we discuss whether it is possible to remain friends with exes, creating friendships with coworkers and how to recover or restore a friendship that has been damaged. Whew, child! I hope you enjoy this episode of My Apple Tree Podcast.

This episode was produced by RGB Production

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