Ep. 15 – Category Is…FACE!

Joining me under My Apple Tree is local businesswoman Amber Pearson, owner of The Beaute Suite! We discuss her journey from professional makeup artist to licensed esthetician to business owner and business’ expansion to Dallas, Texas. We also discuss the service and natural products The Beaute Suite offers, the importance of using moisturizers that include SPF and why both soap and the towel you bathe with does not constitute adequate facial cleansing tools.

She explains the benefits of dermaplanning (my fav!), the advantages and disadvantages of sugaring vs waxing, why age should not determine your facial cleansing regimen and sooooo much more.

For more information about The Beaute Suite, please visit: https://www.thebeautesuite.com

For more information about My Apple Tree Podcast, please visit: myappletree.org

This episode was produced by RGB Production

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