About My Apple Tree

I have finally decided to dip my pinky toe into the pond of blogging and podcasting. It may be overwhelming, it may be underwhelming, but until I try I’ll never know. An apple tree is a tall sturdy tree that provides shade and lots of fruit. Figuratively speaking, I am an apple tree. Lol! But seriously, if you have ever seen an apple tree, you will notice that although the tree is very large the apples grow very close to one another. There is room for the apples to stretch out, yet they grow close and never try to outgrow the other. I find that to be very artistic and very symbolic; hence, the name of my blog.

The purpose of My Apple Tree Podcast is to gauge my guests on how they arrived at their current destination in life, with the hopes that listeners will gain insight on how to create, adjust or achieve their goals. I am blessed to be connected to a such a wonderful group of people with such an awesome breadth of knowledge and I want to share their stories with you.


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